See Live Feed of Christopher Dorner in Gun Battle With Cops

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dorner gun battle shot.JPG

Police officials have Christopher Dorner, the alleged murderer and former Los Angeles police officer, in a gunfight right now in the Big Bear area of California.

Just a few minutes ago, the action-packed audio feed included CBS correspondent Carter Evans saying by phone that he was "in the middle of the action."

A voice then told him to "get the fuck out of there," and a massive volley of gunfire broke out.

CBS has a live audio feed -- click here to access it.Dorner is accused of a cold-blooded revenge murder of a former co-worker's daughter and her fiance, and a police officer.

Sounds like he's making his last stand.

CBS news just confirmed that two deputies have been wounded and shot.

Click here for a radio traffic feed.

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Wonder what really happened to make him crack!? 

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