Cabbie Accused of Trading Rides for "Sexual Favors"; Believe It or Not, Cops Say No Takers

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Mesa PD
Eric Vincent
The Mesa Police Department says a taxi driver for Discount Cab Company offered to waive the fare for two women, in exchange for "sexual favors."

Believe it or not, police say 43-year-old Eric Vincent didn't get any takers.

He did, however, get arrested on charges of soliciting prostitution, as well as sexual abuse.

According to information provided by Mesa police, two women reported similar encounters with a Discount Cab Company driver, one encounter on February 22, and the other on February 23.

Police were told that on both occasions, the driver offered to waive the fare in exchange for "sexual favors," but both women declined and paid their fare -- with money -- after being taken to their desired destinations.

The cops say Vincent was identified with cooperation from Discount Cab, and he voluntarily came into the police station for an interview -- where he admitted to making the offers to the women, police say.

The cops say there's a chance this didn't just happen twice, so if you know anything about this happening on another occasion, police ask that you call them at 480-644-2211 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

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Why is this even news? If the women were offended they should have just slapped the shit out of him, reported the incident to the cab company and the idiot should have been fired. Why the Police involvement, wasted tax dollars on investigations and all the hype? The last I heard we are lucky if actual rapists are even given serious penalties under the reign of Bill Montgomery and crew!  


What is it that compels people to confess to a crime?  

The correct thing to say when the police ask you to answer some questions is "No".  It is never to your advantage to talk to the police regardless of whether you are guilty or innocent.  Don't tell then a lie, don't tell them part of the story, don't sugar coat things, just don't tell them anything at all.  

You have a right to remain silent, exercise it.  Even if you are a slime ball cabby who likes to proposition women, they'll convict you anyways but you'll actually give your attorney something to work with if you haven't been stupid and confessed.


@marcy  Some people have too much integrity to lie (even to police. even self-incrimination)

Our courts are overflowing with cases where people have broken laws and managed to evade prosecution through any of several flaws in the legal system.  I would suggest we consider those who don't accept responsibility for their actions and get off scot-free another class of slimeball in a law-abiding society.  I hardly find someone willing to confess wrongdoing to be 'stupid' simply for telling the truth, however damaging it may be to their chances of getting away with something.  I think what the cab driver attempted may have been slimy, but I find his willingness to admit wrongdoing a morally and ethically redeeming act, and hope the police and any court that may become involved consider his admission as such.  People often  confess to crimes because they have a conscience.  Others because they hope for leniency.  I just think (at least in most cases) that it's the right thing to do.  (whether it's legally wise or not)


@marcy Your advice there is (in my opinion) off the mark.  Don't answer the questions "no" if that is not an accurate answer because then you've knowingly lied to the police which will be used to impugn your credibility if the matter goes to trial.  The better approach is to ask for an attorney at which time the police are generally obligated to stop asking additional questions without your attorney present.   The rest of your comment - exercise your right to remain silent - is sound.


@JohnQ.Public @marcy If the police ask you to answer questions your answer should be "No".  

That is not a lie

I did not say to answer "No" to any question the police asked.  Simply refuse to speak with them.  If you refuse to answer questions the police are obligated to stop answering, you do not have to ask for an attorney to get the police to stop questioning you.

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