Bill to Get Rid of FLDS-Lovin' Cops in Colorado City Back Again

The AG's office had approval of this from the Mohave County Sheriff's Office, which would then get paid by Colorado City.

However, that bill failed, and it wasn't long before the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division filed a federal lawsuit against Colorado City and the neighboring Utah town of Hilldale, claiming that the "Marshal's Office" does its policing on the basis of FLDS law, instead of enforcing actual laws -- which wasn't a new allegation, obviously.

Horne then had to fork over more than $400,000 from his own office to get the Mohave County Sheriff's Office to patrol Colorado City, with the "Marshal's Office" -- which has absolutely nothing to do with the U.S. Marshals Service -- still policing the town, too.

And wouldn't you know, a few months later, Horne was holding a press conference to thank the Mohave County Sheriff's Office for its help in freeing a woman who was married in the town at the age of 14, and was held captive there until the age of 26.

Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan reportedly called the Marshal's Office "security guards for the FLDS church."

Now, the Legislature will have another chance at this, with Ugenti's bill -- which appears to be almost the same as the bill that failed last session. Ugenti's bill can be found here, and the previous version can be found here.

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The politicians in Arizona are too cowardly to take on the cult of Mormon, a religion that came into being so old Joe Smith could justify his lust for young girls.


Publish the list of the names of the individuals in the Arizona Legislature who are responsible for letting this legislation fail the last time around! And make sure these bums are voted out in the next election!


The only difference this year is the election is over and the block votes for Doris Goodale in Colorado City have been booked.


@DPSnAZ It's most likely the Mormon members of the legislature, including the influence of russell pearce. A well known bigoted extremist as well as a Mormon.

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