Bill to Get Rid of FLDS-Lovin' Cops in Colorado City Back Again

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A bill that would disband the police force in Colorado City is back again this legislative session.

For whatever reasons, legislators ended up killing almost the same exact bill last session, and the allegedly corrupt "marshals" on the Utah/Arizona border -- whom Attorney General Tom Horne contends are still loyal to child rapist Warren Jeffs and his Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -- still have policing power.

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This time around, House Bill 2648 has been proposed by Republican Representative Michelle Ugenti. Ugenti agreed to answer some our questions a few days ago, but we haven't heard back at the time of this post, so we'll let you know what we do know.

Colorado City was previously patrolled only by the "Marshal's Office," which state and federal authorities believe is to be loyal to Jeffs instead of the law, so Horne supported a bill that would've gotten rid of them.

"The law provides that a local police agency can be decertified if more than half of its individual police officers had their licenses taken away in the previous 8 years," the AG's office explained at the time. "This would include Colorado City, and may apply in other cases as well. However, decertification of the law enforcement agency would not occur unless the Attorney General determined that the problem was systemic, and the County Board of Supervisors would have to vote to have the Sheriff takeover local law enforcement duties."

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The politicians in Arizona are too cowardly to take on the cult of Mormon, a religion that came into being so old Joe Smith could justify his lust for young girls.


Publish the list of the names of the individuals in the Arizona Legislature who are responsible for letting this legislation fail the last time around! And make sure these bums are voted out in the next election!


The only difference this year is the election is over and the block votes for Doris Goodale in Colorado City have been booked.


@DPSnAZ It's most likely the Mormon members of the legislature, including the influence of russell pearce. A well known bigoted extremist as well as a Mormon.

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