Best Arizona-Related Segment From the Colbert Report?

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Last week, we sifted through the archives of the Colbert Report, and found some of the best Arizona-based clips in the show's history.

As was the case with the Colbert Report's comedy-news counterpart, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, there were plenty of segements to choose from.

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-Arizona's Top 10 Appearances on the Colbert Report

After checking out our list of the top-10 segments (linked above), cast your vote below for the best:

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danzigsdaddy topcommenter

this is stupid Matt. you and I both know the Steven Seagal/Joe Arpaio/posse/school training segment was the best and should be on there. I am actually offended that you don't have it on the list, it was comedy genius (unless you are saying it was so good it gets its own category......then that's okay).

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