Best Arizona-Related Segment From the Daily Show with Jon Stewart?

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Last week, we put together our picks for the top 10 Arizona appearances on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

We had plenty of material to choose from for the top-10 list, including multiple segments about SB 1070, the crazy bills from the Legislature -- the "meth lab of democracy" -- and even that time Arizona State University denied an honorary degree for President Obama.

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So, check out the top-10 list linked above, and let us know which segment is the best Arizona-related Daily Show clip out there.

Cast your vote below:

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danzigsdaddy topcommenter

you cant honestly put the last one (Tucson shooting) with the others. all the others were funny as hell, but the Tucson shooting one should be in a category all by itself. it was a well put piece and not intended to be funny. i was surprised how good the Tucson shooting commentary was while being a deviation from the norm for Stewart.

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