Audio Released of Cops Arresting Mesa Man Who Used a Loaded Shotgun to Protest Police

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Mesa PD
The sign that was being propped up by a loaded shotgun.
Mesa police have released an audio recording from yesterday's arrest of 37-year-old Jeremy Wiseman, who decided to picket the Mesa Police Department with a shotgun at 3 a.m.

Really, the audio sounds like the situation just as police described it, except for the exclusion of the officer's sigh of relief after getting the cuffs on Wiseman: "It's a fuckin' shotgun."

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Earlier today, we told you that officers had seen Wiseman for several hours at the corner of Alma School and University, holding a sign that said "Stop Police Harassment in Mesa," with a phone number that's listed as Wiseman's.

Police contacted him after a bicyclist reported being disturbed by Wiseman, and an apparent conversation with that cyclist is on the audio recording. You can also hear Wiseman ranting and raving in the background.
While Wiseman told police, "Fuck the Mesa Police, come arrest me, you slime," one officer noticed that Wiseman's hand was on what looked like the butt of a gun coming out from the bottom of the sign.

Seconds later in the audio recording, you can hear that officer realize that Wiseman was actually holding a shotgun, and had taped the sign to the shotgun.

Cops say Wiseman told officers that he had the gun to "protect himself from Mesa Police," and he allegedly told an officer at the jail that he "stirring up a hornets nest" and told the officer that "you saw what happened to shooting cops in southern California" -- an apparent reference to former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner.

Wiseman was booked on charges of disorderly conduct and making threats.

Mesa PD
The Jeremy Wiseman protest kit.

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All things considered, the man seems to have used his weapon in a pretty sensible way, as a placard bearer in a non-violent protest. Was it even loaded? Was he loaded? Is it even illegal to carry a shotgun on the streets of Mesa? I'm just glad he didn't decide that shooting innocent people was the answer to whatever his problems are. 

ExpertShot topcommenter

What you always need to understand about the NRA is that it is the political arm of the Military Industrial Complex ("MIC"), or more specifically, that part of the MIC which sells weapons to the public.  However, it is all one in the same.  The same companies which sell weapons to the military sell them to the public.  This is the problem President Eisenhower warned us about - DO NOT LET THE MIC GAIN POLITICAL POWER!  If we do, they will manipulate the population through propaganda to make our government work for the MIC and not for the people.  Selling more weapons is what the MIC is about.  If the MIC can turn our government into their own personal war machine (or public strife machine) through the political power they wield through their propaganda influenced voters, they can make lots more profits. 

That's what they did in the Bush administration using the attacks on 9/11 as an excuse for our Government to wage war on countries which did not attack us - and thus allowing the MIC to sell billions of dollars of weapons to the U.S. government. 

It doesn't take much folks - just a little push and the gullible among us will flock to the side of the weapons manufacturers (disguised as little Wayne LaPierre).  It is obvious to anyone with half a brain that there are NOT ONE organization in the United States wanting to deprive law abiding mentally health citizens from the right to own a firearm, yet that's EXACTLY what the MIC is telling the NRA and their minions to spout off in the propaganda machine - "They're coming for er guns!!!" 

THis is a clear sign to us all that the MIC is attempting to unduly influence our political system and this activity should be made clear to one and all.  The MIC is now powerful enough to interfere in the process by which our government selects the civilians which run the military.  They are doing so right now by having their congresspeople stand in the way of the appointment of our new Defense Secretary because he had the termirtiy to suggest that perhaps we didn't need to waste our money in Iraq.

Watch out people - they're coming all right, but they're not coming for your guns, but for your children to fight and die in their next dirty little war - that's the MIC will do when they gain total control of our government.


After the cops discovered that he had the rifle and after ordering him down, one of the cops tasered him the firdt time for about 4 secs, and the second time for about 10 secs that i can distinguish within all the noise. They should've used the SEAGAL MANUEVER. instead of the taser.


I hope that those turds on the NRA are taking note of this incidents and agree that something needs to be done to reduce the proliferation of weapons, try to keep them away from irresponsible people by conducting background checks, specially when purchased on gun shows where most of the problem resides.


NRA approved behavior. That's what the NRA is all about.


In retrospect, the shotgun was probably a bad idea.  But hey, hindsight is always 20/20, right?



Background checks don't check people for "irresponsibility".  They check to see if a person is legally prohibited from owning a gun.

Do you have any statistics that demonstrate that "gun shows are where most of the problem resides" or did you just make it up?  Making stuff up is irresponsible, irresponsible people should be prohibited from owning a gun or driving a car.  Please turn in your driver's license ASAP.


@IdontRecall but hey, more gun sales = better business for gun manufactures.

if we made it hard for criminals to get guns that would have a bad effect of gun business.  after all we need criminals to instill fear in peoples harts so we can justify those increased gun sales.

it's a win win situation!


@JohnQ.Public In this case, JQP, I think hindsight might have been 12 ga, consumed 12 ounces at a time... a classic case of dumbass.

It's obvious this guy was lonely and was screaming for police intervention.

david_saint01 topcommenter

@marcy @IdontRecall Marcy, kind of hard when the GOP attaches an Amendment banning the ATF from keeping track of gun violence to every budget bill for over the last decade...also, check and see who made it next to impossible to get an ATF director confirmed..and who gave him an award later that year (NRA)...coincidentally, its that same guy who brought Nugent to the SOFTU 

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