Arizona's Top 10 Appearances on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

5.) Ethnic Studies Ban

6.) Meth Lab of Democracy, Part II

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Don Blank
Don Blank

only when the hispanics outnumber the Sun City Creepers

WhoKnows topcommenter

Ok, so how could you have missed the Joke himself on Colbert?

Go to and search on "Arpaio", as there are others!


If number 10 doesn't make you respect this man, nothing will. Mr Stewart is the true voice of many Americans, jaded but still maintaining a sense of humor.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@WhoKnows  i love how in the video you reference Joe spends time emphasizing how he enforces ALL laws. last i heard rape was against the law and there are over 600 victims (so far) of rape that would disagree with him. its not like he needed to spend much time investigating either.....many of those cases came gift wrapped with the names of the rapists for him. at that point you dont need an need a cop with cuffs. and since Joe claims he has over 3000 posse members that have the same authority as a deputy....i have no idea why an arrest couldnt have been made. how can you spend a couple weeks going on and on about how your posse is 3000 deep, and then turn around and say you dont have enough manpower?

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