Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Rumor of the Day -- Alex Smith: Yay or Nay?

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Alex Smith
UPDATE: Smith's been traded to Kansas City.

Stop us if you've heard this one before -- there's a rumor involving a quarterback and the Arizona Cardinals.

The last 48 hours were devoted to a rumor about the Cardinals being interested in drafting USC quarterback Matt Barkley, but the Arizona Republic's Kent Somers has a new rumor -- a trade for the San Francisco 49ers' Alex Smith.

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Somers cites an "NFL source" who says the Cardinals are "exploring the possibility" of trading for Smith -- whatever any of that actually means.

As NFL fans may recall, Smith was benched this season in favor of Colin Kaepernick, who wasn't that much of an improvement, in the grand scheme of things.

Smith had just led the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game the year prior, and a pair of punt-return fumbles by former ASU wide receiver Kyle Williams were the only things that kept the Niners from the Super Bowl, if you remember that game.

You've probably seen Smith play, if you've watch the Cardinals play the 49ers over the past few years, or -- if you fire up the way-back machine -- college football fans may remember Smith played quarterback for Utah, which landed at Sun Devil Stadium to light up Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl in '05.

So, while remembering that the Cardinals still have Kevin Kolb, would you want Smith as the Cardinals' quarterback?

Cast your vote below:

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Mark Weld
Mark Weld

sorry, but my guess is once he comes to Az...he'll start to suck

Brad Wayne
Brad Wayne

No way, the Kolb/Skelton combo is really working out.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I don't give a hoot and a howl about "football" (a misnomer), but I sure would like to know whether the AZ Cardinals have been asking prospective draftees if they like girls.

Gary Waterman
Gary Waterman

What Joe ^^^^ said! The Cardinals management, for whatever reason ignore the Cardinals biggest weakness year after year after year. During pregame interviews, every apposing coach says "We are gonna apply presure to their Quarterback". This is code for " Their offensive line sucks". Every commentator mentions it during games. Every national and local sportscaster starts their Sunday night recap with "Cards QB sacked 5 times, knocked down 6 times and hurried 8 times". Every armchair coach in sports bars across the state will rant and rave about "That damned offensive line". Yet the coaches and upper management continuously and relentlessly keep talkin about the QB position. Its disturbing how little they know about football...even when everyone else in the damned country is TELLING them what the very obvious problem is.

Peter Fullmer
Peter Fullmer

Alex Smith would be great if they can get him without losing too many of their few assets..... and if they can spruce up the line a bit.

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

It doesn't matter if they got Farve in his prime. . With no offensive line It doesn't matter. So sure why not they can get him killed too.

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