Arizona Bill Would Criminalize Shootin' After Drinkin'

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If you're looking for evidence that some city slickers have made their way into the state Legislature, look no further than House Bill 2631.

The bill, sponsored almost entirely by Democrats, would make it a felony to negligently shoot a gun with a blood-alcohol level of drunk-driving caliber -- .08.

Of course, it's Arizona, so there are exceptions -- you have to be drunk, and shooting with "criminal negligence."

However, those specific exceptions aren't defined, like they are in Arizona's current law on shooting within city limits, as you can see in subsection "D" of the bill.

According to the proposed text, cops would need "reasonable suspicion" that a person who was shooting was drunk, and the alcohol testing sounds pretty similar to how cops handle DUI cases.

If someone were convicted of shootin' while drunk, they could not apply to have their rights restored -- thus, making them a legal firearm possessor again -- until five years after being discharged from probation or imprisonment.

All the details thus far on the bill can be found here, and the somewhat-relevant video clip can be found below:

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This ain't fixin to go down to well with Billy Bob an me.  This here's infringin on our God given right of every Saturday - except when there's a gun show or Monster truck pull - pounding down a couple 24 packs of Natty Light an blasting away at some cactus.


Good.  This should have been a companion bill to the bill last year that allowed individuals to carry firearms into bars.  A year late, but on the right track.

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