Ann Kirkpatrick: Sequester Is Bad; Also, Got a Few Bucks for Re-Election?

Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick
Democratic Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick seems to be concerned about the possibility of "devastating sequestration cuts."

She also seems concerned about the fact that she's gonna need some cash for the 2014 election, so if you could create and equal concern for the sequester and the re-election effort, then you'll have your priorities in order, supposedly.

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-Kyrsten Sinema Uses Sequestration Fears to Raise Cash for Re-Election Campaign

It was just yesterday that our colleague Stephen Lemons reported on Democratic Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema's e-mail to supporters that used the sequester, along with the claim that "Arizona could lose 49,189 jobs," and a plea that you show support for her -- with a $5, $10, or $25 contribution.

To quote the perfect summation by Lemons, "Because no occasion to ask taxpayers for cash should be overlooked."

And, sure enough, the forwarded e-mail hit our inbox from Kirkpatrick, too.

"These reckless cuts are the wrong way to address our budget challenges," the e-mail says. "And while some Members of Congress continue to fight and play partisan games, I am doing everything I can to help stop the cuts and help our communities thrive."

All we read is blah, blah, blah, blah, here's why I really paid for this e-mail blast:

You sent me to Washington to do just that. But the truth is, the GOP is going to do everything it can to defeat me. The NRCC has already listed me as one of its top 7 targets for 2014 - and I am the only woman! The Arizona Republican Party is forming a search committee to find an extremist opponent to run against me. That's why we have to prepare early!

Thursday night marks our February budget deadline. We must act now - we are just a few thousand dollars away from our February goal. Chip in now and help put us over the top.

We simply cannot afford to fall behind. All eyes are on us - please help ensure we have the resources to be strong and prepared at every turn. Chip in now before Thursday's deadline.

Thank you.


Ann Kirkpatrick

P.S. Click here to give $3 or more today to help us toward our February budget deadline!

Gotta love the P.S. -- if ya got three bucks, we'll show ya where to go.

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Given her record of not voting combined with her lackluster performance during her first term she needs to resign and make room for someone who is at least marginally competent.

She has totally ignored the needs of her constituents in the north and eastern parts of her district.   Even at this early date, the Navajos are starting to see errors of their support for her.  When she oversees to closure of the VA Clinics and the coal powered power plants request for her removal will reach a crescendo which will be heard throughout the state. 


This continual request for funds was perfected by the Obama campagin starting about 2 1/2 years before the last election.  Obama's campaign team did a masterful job of manufacturing reasons that they needed my contribution TODAY along with manufactured deadlines.  Joe Arpaio has also mastered this e-mail tactic.  It seems to now have been adopted by the democratic operatives working for democractic congressional campaigns.  Just because the New Times staff hasn't seen any by republican congressional campaigns doesn't mean that the republicans aren't doing it as well.  Unfortunately, I suspect that this is the "new normal" for Members of Congress.

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