Tom Horne: Woman Free After Being Held by FLDS in Colorado City for More Than 10 Years

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A woman who was married at the age of 14 thanks to convicted child-rapist Warren Jeffs is now free -- at the age of 26.

Attorney General Tom Horne set up the press conference yesterday with the woman, Ruby Jessop, as Horne's chalking up her escape to his office's payment to the Mohave County Sheriff's Office to patrol Colorado City.

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The woman lived in Colorado City, the city on the Utah/Arizona border that Jeffs used to call home, and remains the home to members of the polygamist Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The town was previously patrolled only by the "Marshal's Office," which state and federal authorities believe is to be loyal to Jeffs instead of the law.

That belief has been a focus of Attorney General Tom Horne for quite some time, and last year became the focus of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, which alleged -- in part -- in a federal lawsuit that the "Marshal's Office" does its policing on the basis of FLDS law, instead of enforcing actual laws.

As for Horne, he tried to replace the "Marshal's Office" -- which has absolutely nothing to do with the U.S. Marshals Service -- but the legislation he supported was shot down in the House last year.

Horne used yesterday's event to announce that he's supporting a similar bill this year -- especially since the $420,000 the Attorney General's office is paying the Mohave County Sheriff's Office runs out in about six months, according to Horne's office.

"Since taking office in 2011, I have worked to have legislation passed that would ensure proper professional law enforcement is available in Colorado City. One reason is to make sure that people like Ruby can leave if they want to do so," Horne says in a statement. "While I will continue that effort in the legislature, making nearly half a million dollars available to the Mohave County Sheriff's Office was absolutely crucial in getting Ruby Jessop to safety. There are more people like Ruby in Colorado City, and these funds will run out in approximately six months.

Horne's statement continues, "Therefore, I urge Arizonans to contact their legislators and ask them to support a bill that would authorize Mohave County Sheriffs Deputies to do the policing in Colorado City rather than the local marshals who are under the control of the dominant church."

The bill, as proposed last session, would essentially strip certification from the FLDS-loyal police force, and patrol of the town would be done by the Mohave County Sheriff's Office.

More details on a "criminal probe" of the FLDS communities can be found here.

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TOM is to busy humping Carman to worry about some FLDS gal thats been abused for years; Why Tom, have you not assigned some of your STATE ATTORNEY'S to represent these women in cilvil court on chlld custody issues and other legal problems. 


Hey Tom,

How about: Thanks to my Special Investigation Unit for validating the shit I say in the media.  Oh, I'm sorry--I kick them folks to the curb as it pleases me.  You mouthbreather--No Governorship for you--only HUMPCARMENCHANELFORYOU-SMELLYBITCHES.


Where the hell is the outrage among all Arizonans that these conditions still exist in Colorado City? Why aren't mainstream Mormons storming up there with their AKs blazing to rescue the women and children who continue to be victimized by these pedophiles? Why has this gone on for decades in this state?

In short,


david_saint01 topcommenter

about the only thing horne has done thats relevant...

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Where is the Church of J.C. of Latter-Day Saints in all of this? You'd think that they would want to excise this black mark of the FLDS on Mormonism. They should at least use their influence to have deputies from the Washington County, UT Sheriff's Office patrol Hildale and provide mutual assistance to Mohave County deputies.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@shadeaux14 It took the votes of Mormon legislators to kill the bill. Thus they are partially responsible for the perpetuation of the tragic situation in Colorado City.

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