Salvia Sales Targeted by Lawmakers Yet Again; Regulation Has Failed Since 2009

State lawmakers have been trying to regulate salvia divinorum, a hallucination-inducing plant, since 2009, and it still hasn't been regulated.

Now, legislators are trying once again to regulate salvia, this time banning its sale to anyone under the age of 21.

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That same ban was proposed in 2009, though it didn't pass. Other proposals, including Republican state Representative Michelle Ugenti's bill to ban salvia possession outright, which she introduced in 2011.

Salvia regulations have been attempted at the state capitol at least five times, and a search of Arizona Revised Statutes shows there's no salvia regulations on the books.

Now, Democratic state Representatives Eric Meyer and Bruce Wheeler are proposing the ban on sales to people under the age of 21 again in House Bill 2424, which is a regulation that was also proposed just last year, and in legislative sessions before that.

If you're wondering what exactly salvia is, tons of information can be found at Erowid, but if you'd like the quick explanation, watch this video below, for one person's reaction:

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The dude was really tripping at the end. Not much crazier than watching someone doped up on bath salts or meth.


As my friend M says, the solution should be education, education, education.  Cops with guns (or ticket clipboards to issue petty offense citations) cost more and have more unintended consequences and cause more perverse incentives than education ever will.  If you think salvia is bad, tell your friends.  If you think salvia is good, tell your friends.  Let the marketplace of ideas hash out the correct answer for everybody whether you or your friend is under 21 or over 21.

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