Rep. John Kavanagh Wants No Exception for Cancer Patients or Anyone Else in Proposed Medical-Pot Repeal

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John Kavanagh wants Arizona's medical-marijuana law repealed, even though that would mean jailing cancer patients.

John Kavanagh, the Republican State Representative from Fountain Hills, doesn't want any exceptions in a proposed medical-pot repeal for patients with cancer, AIDS, or any other serious disease.

Verifiable illness or not, they would be booked into jail under Arizona's felony possession law like any of the hundreds of people booked by Phoenix alone for nothing but pot violations each year.

We asked Kavanagh today if his proposed referendum, which if passed would lead to a ballot proposition in 2014, could at least include an exemption for those with illnesses more serious than "chronic pain."

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Kavanagh has said that the "pain" category is just a cover for recreational users, and he's at least partially right about that.

In the latest officials stats from the Arizona Department of Health Services, about 90 percent of 33,633 active medical-marijuana patients claimed chronic pain as one of their qualifying conditions, (that's not a hard number because patients can list more than one condition.) Nearly 20 percent are males 18-to-30 years old.

But even assuming that most patients are faking in order to get high, that leaves thousands of Arizona patients with actual illnesses that marijuana may help relieve, such as cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, nerve pain, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease or others.

Kavanagh says he doesn't support an exemption for sick people "because marijuana is not an accepted treatment for those conditions."

Yet Kavanagh is a retired cop, not a doctor.

Marijuana may not be accepted by the Food and Drug Administration, (neither are many herbal supplements), but it has been recommended by some doctors, for some conditions, for years. Kavanagh must not have read our May 24, 2012 feature article about medical marijuana. Here's an excerpt:

The American Medical Association's Council on Science and Public Health wrote in a 2009 paper that:

"Results of short-term controlled trials indicate that smoked cannabis reduces neuropathic pain, improves appetite and caloric intake -- especially in patients with reduced muscle mass -- and may relieve spasticity and pain in patients with multiple sclerosis."

About 34,000 people hold medical-marijuana cards in Arizona, although that number has almost certainly been kept down by the battle against the voter-approved Medical Marijuana Act by Governor Jan Brewer. The first state-approved dispensaries, which had been delayed for more than a year because of Brewer's heavy-handed actions, opened only last month. It also seems likely that many sick patients who wouldn't ordinarily consider marijuana to manage their symptoms have been hesitant to participate in the program out of fear drummed up by key Republican state leaders.

Before the program has even really started, Kavanagh would prefer to see it ended.

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Who votes for these showboating, foolish politicians?  Why do we have such a surplus of look at me's in this state and almost no intelligent and thoughtful statesmen?  This guy has not a clue if he's so full of his own self to do this then he's done as a politician.  You don't stand up on a pedestal and say all you voters are too stupid to know what you voted for.  Does he really think the tides are turning against medical marijuana when we've seen how much it helps and we have all seen that teen use goes down in medical marijuana states.  No ones falling for your closed minded grandstanding.


Many of these HOA board, wannabe politicians use any platform they can hitch their wagon to -  as a vehicle for some much needed publicity. Who is this clown?  Never heard of him until this... They pick from the "hot-topick" menu of immigration, abortion, med marijuana, guns - whatever, just to get some mug time in the press. What you will almost never see, is some independent, objective initiatives coming from these "dull-normal" minds.


Oh boy!  He's all heart, isn't he?   He would keep people from curing their own cancer because they might get "high".   I would like to hear his opinion on patent 6630507, owned by the federal govt., on Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants, since he obviously only believes government propaganda and ignores the mountain of evidence regarding the medical efficacy of cannabis.


One can only wonder how this "ex-cop" could think this way...oh, wait, he was a cop, that explains him, everyone is a criminal especially those "pot heads".  Like steven covey once said, "if you are a hammer, everything is a nail" to a cop, his nail is that everyone is a criminal.  He cannot see past the fog of the tea party and only see the world as one big criminal enterprise..  How about putting a ballot initiative on the next election that bans stupidity in the state legislature?  It will limit the possible candidates in the future and will pretty much negate any tea party members from running.  Wow, now that is an initiative I would vote for.


Carpetbagger KKKavanagh just doesn't get it. This issue has already been voted into law,more than once,by the PEOPLE. The best thing for Arizona would be if KKKavanagh would just scoot his ass back East where he came from......How I wish redistrcting would have split up FH.


Geez, yet another dope (pun intended) pandering to the tea drinkers in FH.  Wow, the ignorance of this elected official is off the charts.  Doesn't AZ have bigger issues than to focus on this?  The wholesale idiocy of this crap is only matched by his totally clueless grasp of the real world.  Where do these people come from?  Unfortunately, up in FH, reality and facts are foreign to the drinkers of the tea. Only in AZ can we find such ignorance and intolerance.  Unfortunately, some in AZ wear this label with some warped sense of pride. Get over it Kav....  When will the tea drinkers realize that?  I must ask, what is in the tea  these fringers drink? Now, that should be banned!

dennis20 topcommenter

Someone give this man a brownie already. 

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Kavanagh, you are one cruel bastard.

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