Pinal County Judge Dismisses PCSO Lieutenant's Lawsuit Against New Times Over "Camp Titties and Beer" Coverage

A Pinal County judge dismissed a lawsuit against New Times, which had been filed over stories on this blog about a member of Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's command staff apparently trying to scrub an arrest record from a DPS database.

PCSO Lieutenant Blake King filed the lawsuit, alleging New Times writer Monica Alonzo was libelous in her reporting of the arrest of Ronald Keys at a spot dubbed "Camp Titties and Beer" inside the Country Thunder musical festival in 2011. Judge Bradley Soos did not agree with King's allegations, and granted a motion to dismiss the case.

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-"Camp Titties and Beer," a Country Thunder Campground Occupied by Tucson Police Officers is Where a DPS Office Was Attacked. Paul Babeu's Office Wanted This Covered Up

"Indeed the 'facts' alleged in the articles are based on the undisputed email sent from the Plaintiff to the County Attorney, the undisputed events leading up to the arrest of the suspect, and the Plaintiff's involvement shortly thereafter," Soos' ruling says.

"Contrary to Plaintiff's assertions, Defendants did not 'take liberties' with the email or 'contort the very context,'" Soos' ruling continues. "Rather, Defendants accurately quoted the email in Plaintiff's own words."

Indeed, Alonzo did accurately quote the email Lieutenant Blake King sent at 11:20 p.m. on Saturday, April 9, 2011 to Deputy County Attorney Paul Ahler.

"Unfortunately the subject booked for Agg Assault had been finger printed before I could have a chance to get him released," King wrote. "If you can, please attempt to have his DPS record of this cleared."

Alonzo reported that the record was not actually deleted, but it was King's request that was in question.

All of the details can be found in her original piece on the matter, here.

Click here to read the judge's ruling.

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This is another intent of paul babeu hameless trying to shut up monica alonzo for her great article where she open the eyes to pinal county citizens about how evil is paul babeu.

Babeu never disputed the facts Babeu posted nude photos on internet.

Babeu sent photos of his private parts in a hard way.

babeu intimidated ALL his exboyfriends

babeu and his attorney chris derose threanened babeu's exboyfriend

babeu harrased his exboyfriend all the time

Babeu pointed to his best fried Blake the only one who knew babeu was gay to cover babeus corruption, even when blake told babeu he is incapable of handle the lieutenant.

babeu had sexual encounters or at least dates with other law enforcement members and legislature members for his political gain. (corruption).

babeu is a predador sexual of young guys, including the one reported by abc15 17yo in massachussets, babeu personal assistent at pcso, and young explorers that help babeu with backyard care and babeu make favors to them.

babeu and kurt cusanovich making up stories to cover up babeu's corruption.

all of this proves babeu is an selfish stepping everyone else for personal and political gain. desillutional !


Stupid useless cops. How pathetic. Go find some real crime to pursue loser!


PCSO Lieutenant Blake King allegedly sent an email to Pinal County Attorney's Office Chief of Charging Bureau Paul Ahler asking that Ahler remove an arrest record from the DPS computer system. Ahler, in a show of integrity, didn't comply with the request and apparently never even responded to it. Ahler is a career prosecutor who served in a non-political, non-partisan position in the PCAO and the MCAO before that. Ahler is generally well respected among his peers.

Newly Elected Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles ran on a "law and order" ticket with Sheriff Babeu and owes his election to Babeu just like disgraced former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas owed his election to riding the coat tails of Sheriff Arpaio. Voyles is indebted (indentured) to Babeu for Voyles election just like Thomas was indebted (indentured) to Arpaio for his. We all know how Thomas' handling of MCAO turned out, don't we?

Now here's where it gets interesting....

In his first official act as Pinal County Attorney, Voyles has terminated Ahler and another career prosecutor with almost 20 years prosecuting captial crimes. Coincidence?? Maybe. Problem?? Possibly. My first thought when seeing this newly elected County Attorney start firing career, non-political, non-partisan prosecutors who have a history of acting with integrity and who are well respected, however, is "here we go again." Who else thinks this is going to end poorly?


Cops, the original street gang.


I hate to bust your bubble but the lawsuit will now be proceeding to federal court. I hope the lieutenant wins millions!

ExpertShot topcommenter

Blake King can get anyone's criminal record expunged - NOT!  See this is exactly the kind of crap that law enforcement personnel ("LEOs") pull that sets the example for all your street level thugs to want to go into police work.  "You mean I can get my homies off scott free!?!" says Sluggo.  "I'm in, SIGN ME UP!". 

david_saint01 topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan lol the only thing he would be winning is a pink slip for obstruction.. by trying to get a friends records removed. maybe if your last two brain cells werent so preoccupied kick boxing each other they could stop for a minute and try and work for a change..

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan the lieutenant would be the one hoping it DOESNT. because if it does, the evidence is pointing to him trying to alter public records which is illegal. he is wanting to go after them for publishing the documentation of him doing this. if he takes it to a higher court, odds are they will be addressing his attempt to alter or expunge public records and would find himself on the wrong end of a legal action


@danzigsdaddy Only trouble with your theory is he would not be on trial for altering public records which he didn't do by the way. Your newspaper is what would be on trial.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan i didnt say he DID alter them, i said he was TRYING to have them altered. just because he didnt succeed in his crime does not make him innocent. if you were only guilty if you succeed in your crime.....the jails would be pretty empty

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