Phoenix Triple-Homicide Case Without Suspects, Two Years Later

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Adrian Moreno's Jeep.
Two years ago yesterday, Phoenix police started their investigation into a triple homicide at the Salt River bottom.

According to police, as the families and friends of the three victims held a memorial this weekend, homicide investigators have yet to identify any suspects in the case.

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Adrian Moreno, 38, Raul Piziarro, 28, and Jimmy Alejandro Villa, 23, were found murdered near 107th and Southern Avenues, near the Salt River bottom, on January 6, 2010.

Moreno's family reported him missing the day after he picked up his red Jeep Wrangler from a mechanic, and took his friends out four-wheeling near the Salt River bottom.

Moreno's family later found that Jeep abandoned, and police found Moreno's and Piziarro's bodies nearby later that day.

Police themselves had to use off-road vehicles to get around the scene and found Villa's body two days later. All three had obvious signs of trauma, police said.

Police later released stills from an APS camera near where the bodies were discovered, which showed two vehicles apparently following Moreno's Jeep.

Moreno's Jeep.
The first SUV apparently following Moreno that day.
The second SUV apparently following Moreno that day.

Phoenix police ask that anyone with information call the homicide unit, or Silent Witness.

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