Phoenix Shooting: Three People Shot at Office Complex

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UPDATE: One of the victims is an attorney involved in a legal dispute related to Harmon. Read more after the jump.

Three people have been shot at an office complex in Phoenix, near 16th Street and Glendale Avenue.

No suspect has been arrested, police vehicles have been parked outside a house near 28th Street and Acoma.

Police have said that it doesn't appear to be a random shooting.

Police say the house pictured below, near 28th Street and Acoma, is where the suspected shooter lives. According to property records, a man named Arthur Douglas Harmon owns that home.

Cops haven't named a suspect, and haven't confirmed or denied that Harmon is a suspect.

Google Maps

This man captured on Google Maps in front of Harmon's home happens to match the suspect description given by police.


UPDATE: 2:17 p.m.: Channel 3 says one of the three people shot has been identified as Mark Hummels, an attorney for the Osborn Maledon law firm. The Osborn Maledon offices are inside the building where Hummels and two others were shot.

Hummels appears to be representing a company in a contract dispute with Harmon.


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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

More American Gun MADNESS !!


Man you jsut never know now days whats gonna drive someone to go all "Postal" on ya. Scary!

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