Phoenix Man Shot and Killed After Apparently Tossing Gasoline on an ADOT Employee

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A 43-year-old man was shot and killed in Phoenix last night by an Arizona Department of Transportation employee in an apparent self-defense shooting.

This apparent self-defense shooting doesn't seem to be nearly as questionable as those featured often in national news coverage, as police say Quentine Barksdale was wearing a ski mask, hiding in a dumpster, and apparently threw a bucket of gasoline on the ADOT employee before charging at him.

According to Phoenix police Sergeant Steve Martos, the ADOT employee is a certified peace officer. We're checking with ADOT to see if we can get a more detailed job description of the shooter, and we'll update this post when we hear back.

Police say the man had just gotten back last night to his home on West Mariposa Street -- which is right behind the Central Avenue and Camelback light-rail stop -- when he heard a noise coming from the dumpster.

The ADOT employee found out that noise was Barksdale, who was wearing a ski mask and holding a small bucket of liquid.

Police say Barksdale threw the liquid onto him, and started charging at him.

Based on the smell, the man told homicide investigators he believed that liquid was gasoline, police say.

While the ADOT employee moved back, and Barksdale kept charging at him, Barksdale reached into his pocket, according to police. The ADOT employee, under the impression that Barksdale was moving for a weapon, pulled out his handgun and shot Barksdale.

Although the ADOT employee told police he feared for his life, in that he believed Barksdale was going for a weapon, Sergeant Martos tells New Times police did not find a weapon on Barksdale.

Police say Barksdale had accused the ADOT employee of burglarizing his home, which may be the reason he targeted him.

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Okay???....could he of been going for a lighter?? Poorly informed story.  Did he have a lighter on him??


Did you expect ADOT to give the man a medal instead of a bullet? The dead man got exactly what he deserved.


Gasoline doesn't ignite with gunfire, you've been watching to many action movies.


Has nobody questioned why, if the ADOT employee is telling the truth, the gasoline didn't ignite when he fired his weapon?


@askuhn It absolutely can ignite from gunfire all depends on the amount of gasoline the proximity to his shooting hand of the gasoline the caliber of the gun(size of muzzle flash ie ignition source)


@askuhn And you haven't been reading enough science books. Either that, or you were educated in Arizona.

Ever hear of muzzle flash? What do you think happens when muzzle flash meets gasoline vapor?

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