Phoenix Cop Shot Six Times While on Patrol; Chief Says He's "Extremely Lucky" to Be Alive

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Phoenix cop Pete Bennett was shot six times last night.
Phoenix police Officer Pete Bennett was shot six times last night after confronting someone he thought was suspicious near 21st and Georgia avenues.

Police Chief Daniel Garcia said today that Bennett's "extremely lucky" to be alive, although the four-year veteran still has some surgeries to go through.

Garcia wouldn't go into detail about why Bennett approached the suspect -- whose name hasn't been released -- around 8:30 p.m. yesterday, although he says the man was engaging in "suspicious activity" while riding a bike.

The man ended up running from Bennett, who chased the man for a bit before the man fell over. At that point, the man pulled out a handgun and started shooting at Bennett, Garcia said.

Three rounds went into Bennett's body -- one in the cheek, one in the thigh, and one in the arm -- while two were stopped by Bennett's bulletproof vest, and another was stopped by index cards Bennett was carrying in his chest pocket.

Bennett also fired back -- getting off between seven and 10 shots, according to police Sergeant Trent Crump -- and hit the suspect at least two times. The suspect's name hasn't been released because he's still in the hospital and won't be charged until he's released.

The suspect was found about an hour later hiding in a backyard not far from the shooting, according to Crump.

Although Garcia didn't get too detailed about why Bennett approached the man, the chief said the area is a "high-profile enforcement area," where robberies and assaults are more common. Although there were reports of Bennett possibly approaching the man in relation to a home burglary in the area, Garcia wouldn't talk about that.

The suspect was released from prison a little less than a year ago, after serving almost five years for trafficking stolen property and burglary, Crump said.

As for Bennett, Crump said he's in stable condition. Although Bennett's still slated for more surgeries, Crump said Bennett's colleagues can "breathe easier" at this point.

When the suspect's released from the hospital, he'll be charged with attempted murder and misconduct involving weapons, Garcia said.

Photo by Matthew Hendley
Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (right) and Police Chief Daniel Garcia talk about the shooting of Officer Pete Bennett

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I too wish Officer Bennett a speedy recovery. We need him back on the street asap.


Thank you for your sacrifice and service to our community Officer Bennett. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Why do people get all bent out of shape everytime some stupid cop gets shot in the line of duty? Getting shot at comes with the job last time I checked so deal with it.


@vigvamvoo Neither should anyone get bent out of shape if some crazed gunman shoots at your mother or father or even you! Die in hell you morionic idiot!  Your IP address has been logged and turned over to law enforcement.  Your comment is considered a threat to law enforcement and will not be taken lightly.


@vigvamvoo @vigvamvoo Because they're willing to stand up and do that job while the rest of us are not, and they do it for our benefit. They are the thin blue line that allows most of the rest of us to go about our daily business with minimal fear that someone bad is going to do something bad and, if that occurs, they're willing to put themselves between that person and us. That's why we respect and honor their sacrafice. Yes there are bad cops who do bad things, and we hear about them and demand that they be held accountable. But the percentage is small compared to the number that are upstanding.

Why don't you take a job where getting shot at comes with the job and tell us how you feel abotu accepting that risk?

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