Pastor Warren Stewart Makes Phoenix City Council Candidacy Official

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Pastor Warren Stewart
Although we heard a couple weeks ago that Pastor Warren Stewart was going to run for Phoenix City Council, he's made it official today.

Stewart is now one of two African-Americans who are running for the Phoenix City Council seat in District 8 -- which is currently held by Vice Mayor Michael Johnson -- a seat that has been held by an African-American for the last 46 years.

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Lawrence Robinson is the other African-American candidate in the race so far to take over for Johnson, who's term-limited, and state Representative Ruben Gallego's wife, Kate Gallego, is running as well.

Stewart, of the First Institutional Baptist Church in Phoenix, was instrumental in the effort to get the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday recognized in Arizona, which was detailed in a 1989 story by former Village Voice Media.executive editor Michael Lacey.

This year's election has the 46-year streak of African-American councilmen representing District 8 in jeopardy, and several Black politicians in Phoenix are very concerned about keeping that seat, which several of them see as the African-American community's seat at the table in Phoenix politics.

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Doesn't this whole thing just seem a bit discriminatory? It appears some folks seem to think that no one can represent the African-American community well if they are not person without at least one African-American parent. Shouldn't they simply be more interested in the qualifications of the individual, instead of the color of the candidate's skin?

I have to wonder how the African-American communty might feel if folks from a predominantly white geographic area were to openly recruit a white person as a candidate to maintain the racial influence of the last forty-six years. I don't think it would go over very well, honestly.

ExpertShot topcommenter

@Tommy_Collins When Dr. King was speaking about the "content of their character" he wasn't just directing his comments towards whites, but blacks, latinos, aisians - basically everyone, to stop judging people based on their skin color.  Although I am white, I have attended many "black" organization meetings in South Phoenix - I have seen it all (Dark skinned black prejudice against light skinned blacks is especially prevelant).  Jealousy is the enemy, not each other - I implore the people in our communities (of all color skin) to start living up to the ideals Dr. King espoused and knock this crap off!

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