Noelle Clough Lands on Probation for Stabbing Husband Over Cosmo Magazine Quiz

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Noelle Clough
Noelle Clough, the Mesa woman who told police she stabbed her husband after an argument over a quiz in Cosmo magazine received a sentence of probation and a deferred jail term.

Clough, 22, actually told police in June that she was actually complying with her husband's request to stab him after the argument over the quiz, according to court documents previously obtained by New Times.

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Mesa police got the call around 4 a.m. on that June morning, when Clough said her husband was cut in the back, and needed stitches.

Clough told a dispatcher that her husband was choking her, so she pulled a knife on him before telling the dispatcher to "take me away."

Sure enough, police arrived and found Clough's husband had a cut on his back, but Clough told a slightly different story to the cops after they arrived.

Aside from telling police she was a "monster" -- and her requesting a few times that the cops to shoot her -- Clough told police a story that didn't include choking, but did include Cosmo magazine.

According to the documents, Clough said she and her husband were drinking for a "long period" before the fight broke out, and the cause of that fight was a quiz in the magazine.

That quiz then sparked a more specific argument on ex-lovers, Clough said, before her husband threw a pair of knives on the floor and said, "There is the knife; stab me."

The two argued a little more. Clough said that as she tried to cut him with the knife while he was walking a way, she accidentally stabbed him, according to the documents.

The Mesa police officer wrote in a probable-cause statement that he asked Clough if she'd been assaulted before she stabbed her husband, and she said her husband did not.

While Clough was in the back of the patrol car en route to jail, Clough reverted to her initial story, that her husband had choked her during the Cosmo argument.

The officer noted that Clough didn't have any visible injuries.

As part of a plea agreement, Clough was sentenced to three years on probation with domestic-violence terms, and a 90-day deferred jail sentence.

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Let see what the Judge gives her next time when she kills the husband


Alcohol will do that to you. Tell her to stab you and she'll actually do it I believe it it was definitely a drunk argument


Another example of un-equal justice for all by the Arizona Superior Court where justice means nothing and is nothing more than a bad joke.

david_saint01 topcommenter

dare i say, had this been a man he would have gotten a lengthy prison sentence...just saying

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@david_saint01 i'll bet you anything her husband no longer agree's with the statement "all the good ones are taken"

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