MCSO Deputy in Critical Condition After Being Shot Several Times in Peoria

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Deputy Ruben Garcia
A deputy with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office was shot "several times" while conducting a traffic stop in Peoria shortly after midnight on Tuesday.

MCSO Sergeant Brandon Jones says Deputy Ruben Garcia, who's been with the MCSO for 29 years, pulled over a truck that was related to a call the Sheriff's Office had received Monday night from a woman who feared for the safety of her ex-boyfriend.

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Jones says Garcia approached the truck after the driver pulled over at a gas station near 83rd Avenue and Deer Valley, but it's yet unclear what happened after that.

"At this point, we are unsure what occurred. However, we do know that Deputy Garcia was struck several times by gunfire, presumed to be that of the suspects," Jones says in an e-mail to media.

The shooter drove away, and Garcia was flown by helicopter to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. Jones says Garcia is in critical but stable condition.

Peoria police ended up in a vehicle chase with the suspect, whose name hasn't been released. We're checking for more details, but a Peoria police spokeswoman says the suspect is dead, apparently after being shot by police.

Garcia is now the second Valley law enforcement officer to be shot this week, after Phoenix police Officer Pete Bennett was shot six times Sunday night.

Check back for updates.

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dumb cop hes a sheriff u moron and i know him and he is a hero i feel sorry for who ever thinks they know u. lifeless idiot


Sad stuff. Our thoughts are with the friends and family of Dep. Garcia as he fights to survive.


That corrupt Shurf should be held responsible for the injuries Mr. Garcia suffered. This Old Fart shurf has given such a bad name to that Law Enforcement Agency through his corruption, and uninvestigated cases, making a mockery of it, hence losing respect from the citizenry and more significantly; from the criminals, therefore making it harder for LEO's to be safe.

My prayers for Officer Garcia and family.


Why do so many people get bent out of shape everytime some dumb cop gets shot in the line of duty? Getting shot at comes with the job. Deal with it.


As some one who has family and friends that are law enforcement officers, I can say that this is the nightmare scenario that we pray never happens. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Garcia family and Deputy Garcia. This is a reminder of just how much danger law enforcement officers face on a daily basis. We all should be thankful that we have brave officers such as officer Garcia and others who risk their lives, so we can all live a bit safer. If Deputy Garcia had not stopped this criminal and confronted him,who knows if this killer would have victimized innocent civilians..........I hope everyone will refrain from making any off-color comments about this tragedy and show a little respect during what must be a very emotional and trying time for Deputy Garcia and his family.......Thank you Deputy Garcia for your service and your sacrifice.......Que Dios Los Bendiga.

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