Mark Grace Sentenced to Four Months in Jail in DUI Case

An extremely old photograph of Mark Grace.
Former Arizona Diamondbacks first-baseman and color-commentator Mark Grace was sentenced this morning to four months in jail.

According to a Maricopa County Superior Court spokesman, Grace was granted work release, and will also serve two years on probation.

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As fans and other observers may recall, this was Gracie's second DUI.

The first came in 2011, when Grace was pulled over while swerving in his Jaguar near Scottsdale Road and Shea. His blood-alcohol level was .128.

The second time, in August, Grace was pulled over near the Scottsdale Resort, and not only did his blood-alcohol level register at .095, but he was also driving on a suspended license, and without the court-ordered ignition interlock device.

Grace actually faced prison time on his charges this time around, but thanks to a plea deal, he ended up pleading guilty to endangerment and misdemeanor DUI.

His work-release jail sentence starts on February 10.

Grace lost his gig as color commentator with the Diamondbacks after his most recent DUI arrest, and he's since been replaced by (yawn) Bob Brenly.

The greatest unconfirmed story ever written about Grace can be found here.

Also, if you've forgotten how much you've missed Gracie as a color commentator, click here.

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Not too different a plea deal than the Maricopa County Attorney's Office offers most offenders on an Aggraveted DUI charge under ARS 28-1383(A).   ARS 28-1381(K)(1) establishes the sentencing as   "1. Shall be sentenced to serve not less than ninety days in jail, thirty days of which shall be served consecutively, and is not eligible for probation or suspension of execution of sentence unless the entire sentence has been served." 


Aw, cmon', he had a lower BAC this time - that's improvement...


Moral of the story, if you are a drunk who can't stop driving drunk, at least have a good attorney to keep you out of prison.


@falafelforyourmom @mikefrombisbee No, and I'm not Mark Grace's drinking buddy either. Being able to hire a good (expensive) attorney always helps in a DUI case unless someone gets killed. Un poderoso caballero es Don Dinero (trans. - money talks)

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