Maricopa County Mugshots of the Week: Real Characters

Just about every week, we bring you a roundup of visitors to the desert's own Fourth Avenue Jail. To be considered for our Maricopa County mugshots of the week, get arrested, strike a pose, and we'll take care of the rest.

This week, several of our alleged criminals look like real characters. Like, the guy who wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror, and says to himself, "Damn, Matt LeBlanc, you're looking sexy today." Enjoy.


Charges: Marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia

Kids, this is what Santa's elves do the other 11 months of the year.


Charges: Endangerment, assault, criminal damage

Let's see -- there's a hockey sweater, a beard, rosy cheeks, and a really polite look after being arrested. How much more Canadian can you get?


Charges: Kidnapping, armed robbery, burglary, theft, unlawful flight from law enforcement, marijuana possession

We're definitely not saying that's a penis tattooed to the back of this fellow's head. On that note, we're definitely not saying that isn't a penis tattooed to the back of this fellow's head.

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I love how terribly biased even your writers/articles are. Instead of simply reporting mugshots like a normal newspaper would with simple charges, as we're innocent until proven guilty, you publicly denounce, slander, defamate anyone simply arrested. This clearly reflects the thoughts of your corrupted county and state, and your "Sheriff" who is frequently compared to 'Hitler'. Of all I've read, and there is so much more, Arizona is comparable to some institutions in North Korea. There's going to be a crackdown and you're all going down. It's too big to ignore. You're virtually brown shirts over there now running your own country and killing innocent people. I never knew Arizona got this bad, I'll be telling everyone to stay clear away with this crap going around. Not only is it 120 degrees in the summer, it's apparently devoid of all human rights. Keep it up newspaper editor, one on the Arpaio payroll.


Why does a guy who looks mostly red/pink call himself a white boy?  


@truthseekeraz Start linking to them. Are they being arrested and booked in Maricopa County or are you just trolling?

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