Larry Fitzgerald Plays Football With Competent Quarterbacks, Does Well

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Let's make an agreement about the Pro Bowl: we all have as much fun watching it as the players enjoy playing in it -- we don't, and they don't.

It's lame, boring, and in no way can the Pro Bowl be compared to an actual football game. That said, that's exactly what we're about to do, because we saw that Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald can, in fact, still play football.

Fitzgerald just ended the crappiest year of his career -- statistically, the second-crappiest -- in which he caught just 71 passes. He averaged less than 50 yards receiving per game. After Kevin Kolb was toast for the season following week six, Fitzgerald caught just one touchdown pass.

He only made the Pro Bowl because Brandon Marshall was out with an injury, and he dropped a few passes this year, which was a scary thing to see, if you've been watching him play for a while.

However, as you probably guessed -- and based on our amateur analysis of Fitzgerald's Pro Bowl play -- Fitzgerald doesn't magically suck at catching footballs all of the sudden.

Fitzgerald was targeted eight times by Eli Manning, Drew Brees, and Russell Wilson combined, and he caught six of those passes. Both incomplete passes to Fitzgerald were thrown in succession by Manning, who had thrown a pick-six on the previous drive.

You can see Fitzgerald's TD pass, from Wilson, here.

Just take a second and compare that -- or don't compare it -- to the Cards' December 9 game against the Seattle Seahawks (a 58-0 loss) in which Fitzgerald was targeted by quarterbacks John Skelton and Ryan Lindley 11 times. He caught one pass for two yards.

Again, we're talking about the Pro Bowl. Fitzgerald and the NFC won 62-35. However, this appears to be the first chance in many moons for us to be optimistic about anything related to the Arizona Cardinals.

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The most amazing thing about Fitz is that despite being stuck in a miserable situation that isn't likely to improve anytime soon you have not heard him complain in or through the media once. Other receivers of his caliber would be demanding to be traded or complaining about the quality of the QB play, but not Fitz. Even when asked directly he has remained positive and held his tongue. Also impressed with the way that he seems to embrace being a community leader and role model. Truly wish him all the best.

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