Keith Kirk of Massachusetts Arrested in Chandler for Alleged Armed Robbery

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Keith Kirk, (a.k.a. Keith Gramer), of Oxford, Massachusetts, robber a convenience store in his hometown before fleeing to Chandler, police say. Kirk was picked up this morning by police.

Chandler just wasn't far enough for fugitive and armed-robbery suspect Keith Kirk.

Authorities tracked the man to the east Valley and had local authorities arrest him this morning in connection with the November 28 robbery in Oxford, Massachusetts.. (Not Oxford, England, as we slipped up and said previously.)

Kirk, wearing a mask, allegedly entered an Oxford convenience store in the early morning and told a 59-year-old clerk he had a gun. He reportedly took cash and a cellphone before disabling the store's phone lines and stealing the clerk's car.

Detectives pegged him as the robbery suspect and followed up on a tip that he'd traveled to Boston, then to Chandler with a friend.

Authorities "confirmed Kirk's employment at Omega Auto Glass in Chandler, Ariz.," which to us, should be reason alone for arrest. Omega's infamous for hiring dudes who go to door-to-door in neighborhoods selling windshield-repair services.

Kirk, also known as Keith Gramer, is in county jail awaiting transfer to the East Coast, the article says.

Kirk was arrested without incident at about 9:45 a.m. this morning in a traffic stop by Chandler police near Guadalupe Road and Loop 202, based on a fugitive-of-justice warrant from Massachusetts, says Chandler PD spokesman Seth Tyler.

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Old England, New England -- what's the difference?

Seriously, though, we appreciate the heads up. Story now corrected.


How did this person become a journalist? Seriously really need to check up on your facts on this one. He's from Massachusetts, not England, no need for deportation when he's from the U.S


Whoever wrote this article should have really double checked their sources. He's not from England. He's from "new England" specifically Massachusetts.


This boy will lose his virginity when he gets to prsion.


Looks like another criminal illegal alien. Has Joe been alerted for a possible employer sanction or theft of ID. This is insidious. At least you can spot a mexican, this guy looks like us.


OK I say off with his head at once! Off with it!

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@vigvamvoo Aye, matey, make 'im walk th' plank!

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