Judge in Ben Arredondo Case: Maybe FBI Should've Gone After Wall Street Instead

U.S. District Judge Frederick Martone
It looks like U.S. District Judge Frederick Martone had some reasons for sparing former state Representative Ben Arredondo from prison on his felony mail-fraud convictions.

For one, Martone wouldn't really peg Arredondo as the kind of guy who would use the entrails of hookers as decorations.

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"It's cheap. It's tawdry. It's pathetic," Martone said of Arredondo, according to a report from the Associated Press. "But this is not Jack the Ripper."

Nope, Arredondo was just charged with bribery, extortion, and lying to FBI agents in a ticket-bribery exchange, and also admitted to running a scholarship scam.

According to an Arizona Republic report, here's what else Martone had to say:

"I wonder whether the resources of the United States government were appropriately directed over the course of two years," he said, adding that perhaps Americans would have benefited more from the Justice Department offering the same level of attention to "Wall Street bankers ... (who committed) mortgage fraud."

Indeed, it seemed a little cheap that after two-years, the FBI only found out that Arredondo got about $6,000 worth of tickets to ballgames.

However, Arredondo was still a corrupt public official, so sparing him prison time -- even though federal prosecutors had recommended somewhere in the neighborhood of three years in prison -- doesn't exactly send the best sign to the public.

But, now you know why Arredondo's being grounded at home for 18 months instead of doing prison time.

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Finally! Someone is making sense!



What else can be expected, when most of Arizona Leaders are corrupt; Jan Gin Brewsky, the MCSO Clown, Elmer Horne, Montypug, ex-pres.Two Times Pearce, etc. This is no good, becuase this could mean only one thing; probably Elmer Horne is going to get the same deal, you know, I scratch your back, You scratch mine, everything else said is just theater.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Why didn't the judge bring up the closed grand jury investigation into the Flaccid Failure, Dave Henderbulk, and Candy Andy and the Miscreants?

Seems to me he should have ordered the U.S. Attorney to reopen that case, which is a slam dunk.


Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone.

For those who were not in the courtroom or who know the facts, I would suggest that you hold your holier than tho comments.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

of course he doesnt think the FBI should be looking into crooked officials, if they did, a judgement and sentence like he just handed Arredondo would put him in their headlights


Let me get this straight.  So this Judge is saying that committing heinous crimes similar to "Jack the Ripper" will only get you a harsher sentence. But white collar crimes is not punishable? Where's the moral accountability of serving Justice? White collar crime may not involve entrails of hookers. But its victims suffer hardships just as much as any victim of robbery, burglary or identity theft.


You can bet your ass if it would have been a normal everyday person they would have gone to prison for years.

Another example of how Fucked up the justice system is in Arizona.

Justice for some but not for all, the Arizona way.

Martone should be removed from the bench.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@gop1964  this is arizona where the law and everyone involved with it says once you are declared guilty, YOU ARE GUILTY. and to them it doesnt matter if you did it or not, he was declared guilty and should be punished and treated like everyone else.. anyone else in this county is treated as a hardened criminal before they even get their day in court and is subject to the same punishment as murderers or rapists, so why shouldnt a man who was given a position of authority and not only betrayed that trust but also abused his power and was found guilty of those crimes? the man even admitted his guilt so why is he given a $500 restitution and $5000 fine when he admitted to milking over $50,000 and intimidating, accepting bribes and other crimes? none of us are without sin, but only people like him who abused the system are the ones walking away with minimal punishment for their sins and transgressions. how about you hold your holier than thou comments till you or any of your loved ones have been subject to the abuses or punishment they reserve for everyone except for pieces of crooked trash like Arrodondo



Bullshit, he plead guilty, enough said. He should have gone to jail. Anyone else would have that isn't a corrupt politician.

david_saint01 topcommenter

@PissOnArpaio to be honest, i cant disagree with him...30 years ago people would have been in prison for pulling the shit Wall St did in 06-08. Furthermore, this is the same state that ignored the likes of Pearce taking 40k+ in "bribes"...so i cant really be offended that Arredondo got off easy..I think Wall st and Pearce got off MUCH easier

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

Arrodondo pulled in about $50,000 on his scholarship scams, $6,000 in tickets and god only knows how much else, yet he only has to pay $500 in restitution, and $5,000 in fines. thats around 10% of the money we know about. thats way the hell less than we pay in income tax and to top it all off he does absolutely NO prison time? @gop1964, if we are supposed to have sympathy or feel bad for this guy, you are out of your mind. you people are all crying that Obama or Holder should be up on charges. if this is all the punishment we hand out, they could say they did everything wrong and did it knowingly and all they would get is a stern talking too if they had this judge. nobody is saying he should be punished more than anyone else would be (i do however feel he should, he betrayed his office and the people), but we are saying he should be held to the SAME punishment as everyone else, not less



Very Well said!

What part of "Guilty" does gop1964 not understand?!!!

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