John McCain and Company's Immigration Proposal: Yay or Nay

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Some U.S. Senators from both parties have decided that they've figured out the immigration thing.

The proposal, as explained, has a bunch of points, with the main one being that 11 million or so illegal immigrants will have a pathway to citizenship.

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The current proposal's spread out over five pages of bullet points, and we'll give you some bullet points of those bullet points:

  • "Securing our borders"
  • Tons of ifs, ands, as well as buts
  • A pathway to citizenship for millions.
  • A lot of paperwork and waiting.
  • If you're a DREAMer, it's easier. That's one of the many ifs.
  • Something that's like E-Verify but isn't E-Verify.
  • We got it: It's Reagan Amnesty (careful with the a-word) 2.0

Long story short, it's a concession that Nickel-Bag Joe-ing five illegals at a time ain't gonna fix the country's immigration situation, and it proposes granting a pathway to citizenship for 11 million-ish illegal immigrants.

Does that sound like a good idea to you?

Cast your vote below:

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This will be as it has always been. No matter the progress, it will never be enough to satisfy the more rabid of our citizens, so if everything hinges on 'securing our border', nothing will happen. The reality is that our border will never be 'sealed' or made secure to the point there are zero crossers. Yes, we should do whatever we can to eliminate illegal entry, but the reality is that it's impossible.  Even the Berlin Wall couldn't achieve that, and it had a much easier environment to work with than the border with Mexico has.


The only immigration reform needed is better enforcement and more deportations... period!


You left out the obvious choice'

It doesn't matter what we think of it because McCain, Flake and the other Cons who approve of this bill are just trying to blow smoke you know where because the Boner, and the rest of the obstructionists in the house will never approve.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

"once they pay fines and back taxes"..........yep, America is for sale. how long before they start charging more if you have a criminal record? this is the whole reason they were making such a stink about immigration in the first place. its like the scene out of the movie  GOOD FELLAS, where he is talking about Paulie.  "you want citizenship?.....fuck you, pay me.  you have a criminal record?....fuck you, pay me.  you want me to do something about immigration?....fuck you, pay me.   you want a license?.....fuck you, pay me"  but on a positive note, i bet Joe and Jan are are popping blood vessels right now 

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@shadeaux14  this country is at a point where nobody will agree on anything anymore. solutions for problems are a thing of the past now. all any of our elected officials do anymore is just find ways to cock-block one another at every turn. and even if they were to ever agree on anything and try to find solutions......the public is so divided, they would find a way to screw up any moves toward solutions

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