Joe Arpaio's Tent City Heating a "Patent Lie," According to Another Inmate

The stamp inmates are giving Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
According to a Tent City inmate, Sheriff Joe Arpaio's claim that his office is taking steps to keep the inmates warm in the jail is a "patent lie."

If you've been paying attention today, you'll notice this is the second inmate in just a couple of hours to tell New Times that they haven't had access to the accommodations Arpaio claims are being provided.

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Now, a woman named Heather, who asked us not to use her last name -- since she still has to go back to the jail as part of her work-release sentence -- told us the same exact stuff as another inmate.

Arpaio's press release said he "would like families and friends of inmates incarcerated in Tent City to know that their loved ones will be fine, despite the low temperatures."

Inmates have access to an unlimited amount of blankets, 24-hour access to the heated day room, and hot chicken broth is being added to the evening meal for an "added touch," the press release said.

Both inmates we've spoken to, both on work-release, told us they got no "unlimited amount" of blankets, no access to a heated room, and no hot food.

Heather, who's in there for a DUI charge, tells New Times she was just in there last night, and none of that was offered.

According to the Weather Channel, Tent City's zip code "felt like" it was as cold as 42 degrees last night. This weekend, the forecast says the temperature's getting as low as 29 degrees.

It's inhumane what's going on now," Heather says. "I wouldn't leave my dog out in a night like last night."

Heather's boyfriend, whom we also spoke to, said Arpaio's like Hitler running a concentration camp. (He says he's allowed to say that because he's Jewish, but we informed him that Arpaio himself has called it a concentration camp.)

"I don't know how in the world he can get away with the inhumane treatment," he continued. "How are the voters so stupid?...[Arpaio's] a blowhard."

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the voters are more than stupid. They are idiots.  The average Apario supporter is White, middle aged and dumber than dirt. That 80 percent of Arizonians


well lets hope you never go to jail. Its cowards like you who cry like big babies.


@j.peterson31 I would never go to jail but if I did I would not complain because it would be my own fault I was there.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JohnDotson and your thinly vieled threats would land you in the same boat as those in tent city. and if that were to occur, you would be the one crying foul and proclaiming your innocence the loudest. just because you feel pedophilia should not only be ignored, but the perpetrators shielded, doesnt mean we all do. at least lucyababeu is bringing the abusers to our attention while you try to cover and protect them. she is doing it at the cost of her family, what are you doing to help stop crimes like that? you are hiding behind an anonymous profile.  seems to me she is a lot more for law and order than your cowardly ass

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JohnDotson again, you dont know how to read, do you? i actually supported the beginning of his plan for the schools, i just didnt agree with the posse being the agency, i had no problem with it being the actual deputies (i would have prefered PPD, but was ok with actual MCSO deputies)

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