Jan Brewer's Order Denying Driver's Licenses for DREAMers Challenged by Bill

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Governor Jan Brewer
While the ACLU is still suing over Governor Jan Brewer's order to deny driver's licenses to participants in the Obama Administration's deferred-action program, a bill has been submitted that would change the current policy.

Democratic state Representative Catherine Miranda submitted House Bill 2032, which aims to get the people receiving deferred action eligible for driver's licenses, once they receive work permits.

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"A federally issued employment authorization document is proof that the applicant's presence in the United States is authorized under federal law," Miranda's bill proposes.

Right now, there's an argument over whether people in the deferred action program are "authorized" to be in the country, and therefore eligible to apply for a driver's licenses in Arizona.

In November, the ACLU and other organizations filed a lawsuit against Governor Jan Brewer's executive order, which blocks the immigrants who are granted deferred action from obtaining driver's licenses or any other "taxpayer-funded public benefits."

"As stated by Defendant Brewer, the Executive Order makes clear that there will be 'no drivers licenses for illegal people,' and in her opinion, '[t]he Obama amnesty plan doesn't make them [legal] here,'" the lawsuit states. "Defendant Brewer's Executive Order reflects her apparent disagreement with the federal government's decision to allow young immigrants who qualify under the DACA program to remain in the United States."

Recently, the ACLU said federal immigration authorities confirmed the deferred action recipients are "authorized to stay and lawfully present in the country," and the governor's office didn't respond to New Times' request for comment on that thought.

In Brewer's order, she states that the people in the deferred-action program do not have "any lawful or authorized status and does not entitle them to any additional public benefit," which includes driver's licenses.

The lawsuit against Brewer's order will still have to be sorted out at some point, but it looks like Miranda's bill would defeat the effectiveness of Brewer's order.

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Wow. That is NOT a complimentary photo of Mrs. Brewer. I wonder what she might look like with her naturally gray hair most ladies get at her age?

Once again she is about to have her south end handed to her by the feds. I wish someone, ANYONE, would just take a few minutes and explain to her that Arizona is just ONE state of FIFTY in the United States, and there is a FEDERAL level of government intended to direct all FIFTY states. Ah, but I'm afraid that would be a lost cause. It might be that she has problems counting all the states once all her digits have been used.

I keep thinking, "C'mon Mrs. Brewer, come out of the idjit closet and show folks you really can think for yourself and you don't HAVE to do the biddings of those of the ilk of Pearce, et al". To no avail, I'm afraid.

It appears Mrs. Brewer will never be anything more than Mrs. Brewer, the woman who used to governor.


Figures that dumb Democratic state Representative Catherine Miranda would propose something like this. She and everybody else is about to be very disappointed because the Bill will fail.  Dumb bitch needs to be tossed out of office.


DREAMER's have been given a work permit only. They have no path to citizenship, permanent residence, the right to vote or a drivers license.  In the eyes of the law they are still illegal aliens and Arizona law says illegal aliens cannot have drivers licenses.  This proposed Bill will fail.  Obama never promised them drivers licenses and just because they have a work permit doesn't mean they are entitled to a license.



Old taint face brewer will get her ass handed to her. Pull your head out of your ass dipshit.


@JoeArpaioFan Boy oh boy, intellect & class just ooze out of you don't it? People must really take you seriously.


@JoeArpaioFan JAF, if they have a work permit this means they work under their own name and they have income taxes withheld and next year they have to file income tax reports with the IRS and the state DOR. This means they are actually paying for being here. What is YOUR beef with that, regardless of how they get to and from work, or to and from school? Have you figured that one out yet, amigo? With a work permit, THEY ARE PAYING INCOME TAXES AND SOCIAL SECURITY. Without it they are paid cash and don't pay those taxes. I wrote that slowly so you could keep up. If you need help with interpretation please call Ray Stern at 1-800-DILLIGAF and he will be glad to explain it further.

david_saint01 topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan lol hate to burst your bubble there fucktard, but when they are given work permits they are no longer "illegal"..thus allowing them to attain licenses. i see your last two brain cells are on vacation again....

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@david_saint01 he contradicts himself. "DREAMERS have been given a work permit only,....." and "in the eyes of the law they are still illegal aliens......"   the word PERMIT in itself invalidates his own theory

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