Is It Surprising That Teen Marijuana Use Decreased After Passage of Medical-Marijuana Law?

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According to the teenagers who took the Arizona Youth Survey last year, they didn't suddenly become potheads because the state enacted a medical-marijuana program.

This might sound like a disappointment to some of the program's critics, but our colleague Ray Stern pointed out yesterday that the percentage of 8th, 10th and 12th graders who reported using marijuana at least once went from 29.9 percent -- before the law's passage -- to 28.7 percent in 2012.

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The teen's marijuana use in the last 30 days also went down, from 14.8 percent in 2010 to 14.3 percent last year.

Still, it doesn't appear folks like Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery are convinced of this result.

Montgomery told Stern, "The decline in reported marijuana use among 8th graders is insignificant when compared to the increase among teens in other grade levels and the substantial proportion of all teens who report they are getting pot from medical marijuana cardholders."

This morning's question: are you surprised that there was a slight decrease in teen marijuana use after the passage of the medical-marijuana law?

Cast your vote below:

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ExpertShot topcommenter

The Indian Wars, Slavery, Pollution, Destruction of 90% of our forests, are all things that are simlar to the moral bankruptcy our Country demonstates every day with the continuation of the "Drug War." 

I hear a big sucking sound of money from our economy to the coffers of Corrections Corporation of America every time a pothead it busted.


It's NOT surprising to me at all.  What we're seeing is that "Regulation WORKS"!  It DOESN'T surprise me that Montgomery's making such a BIG DEAL out of this survey.  All that means is that we've got about <260 kids out of 60,000 that have acquired/STOLEN marijuana from their parents.  Remember raiding your parents "Liquor Cabinet"...  SAME DAMNED THING!!!  You'll NEVER get to ZERO % of kids stealing liquor/marijuana from their parents.  So why are we pissing over, what is ULTIMATELY an overall DECREASE in marijuana use amongst this one sub-group of kids.  Education and HONESTY are the best policies when dealing with certain issues with our kids.  I mean if all we're talking about is an increase of .6% amongst the Sub-group (Grades 10-12) of the SUB-GROUP ( Grades 8-12) that they've surveyed, we're actually doing pretty good.  The percentage of Teen Use that we're talking about... even if the Govt. is 100% right, is STILL lower than the Natl. Average. It shows that REGULATION works and as we go further into this issue, I think you're going to see an even LARGER decrease in Teen use.  Take the TABOO off of marijuana and you'll remove the desire for kids to SKIRT the law, which in turn drops Teen Use even further.  So don't let them extrapolate #'s from a survey and TRY to make them say ONE thing, when you KNOW that they're saying the EXACT opposite, but if THAT information were to come out, that'd hurt their campaign to OVERTURN the AZMMP.  Can't have a DECREASE in Teen Use, when you're trying to tell people how DANGEROUS marijuana is for them now can we?  Meanwhile, we're ALL laughing in their collective faces as we show them we CAN READ for ourselves and don't need Govt. puppets telling us what this survey ACTUALLY shows.

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