Guess What a Kingman Man in a Stolen Car Kept in a Box Labeled "Meth Time"

It wasn't a box full of meth. However, that appears to be because someone ran out of meth. The Sheriff's Office says there were plastic bags and a "make-shift" meth pipe in there, which was enough to jail Prunty on a charge of possessing drug paraphernalia -- in addition to the charge for allegedly stealing a car, as well as the four warrants.

So, if you picked "things related to meth," then you are correct, allegedly.

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Many car thieves get away with the stolen cars because the vehicles have large gas tanks that enable the thief to flee far from the scene of the crime, if we could slow them down by requiring them to refuel we could reduce car theft.  I'm proposing a ban on gas tanks that hold more than 2 gallons of gas.


What -- no meth! 

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

My god, he's just a baby! A plea deal is the only thing that can save him prison initiation.

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