Guess What a Kingman Man in a Stolen Car Kept in a Box Labeled "Meth Time"

Mohave County Sheriff's Office
Richard "Meth Time" Prunty
If you have four warrants for your arrest, and you're in a stolen car, we suppose carrying around a box labeled "Meth Time" isn't outside the realm of possibility.

According to information provided by the Mohave County Sheriff's Office, the man doing the aforementioned things was 20-year-old Richard Prunty, a Kingman resident.

Deputies got a tip about the location of a wanted person -- that's where the four warrants come into play -- and showed up to a Kingman household Monday morning.

Prunty was actually outside of the house, and stepped out of the driver's seat of a Honda Civic to talk to deputies.

Deputies confirmed he was the guy with the warrants -- a felony warrant for theft of transportation, two misdemeanor warrants for contempt of court, and one misdemeanor warrant for failure to appear.

While talking to Prunty about his new Honda Civic, deputies discovered that it wasn't exactly his Honda Civic.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Prunty admitted to stealing the vehicle from a Kingman car dealership a few nights before. Sure enough, deputies confirmed that the vehicle was reported stolen.

Deputies then searched that vehicle, and found a white box labeled "Meth Time."

For New Times' rare "Afternoon Poll," guess what deputies found in that box labeled "Meth Time," and find the answer on the next page.

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Many car thieves get away with the stolen cars because the vehicles have large gas tanks that enable the thief to flee far from the scene of the crime, if we could slow them down by requiring them to refuel we could reduce car theft.  I'm proposing a ban on gas tanks that hold more than 2 gallons of gas.


What -- no meth! 

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

My god, he's just a baby! A plea deal is the only thing that can save him prison initiation.

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