Failed Meth-Smuggling Attempt: Woman Duct-Taped Two Pounds of Meth to Her Belly

The only thing that would have made this meth-smuggling attempt worse.
In one of the less-thought-out attempts to smuggle meth into the United States, Customs and Border protection officers busted a Washington woman with a couple pounds of meth taped to her belly.

Believe it or not, an officer got suspicious when he spotted 28-year-old Laura Ivanez-Ramirez in the pedestrian lane at the San Luis port of entry around 8 p.m. on Monday, as she had "suspicious bulges in her clothing," according to a federal complaint.

According to the complaint, two other CBP officers agreed -- those were some suspicious bulges.

After covering their bases, including doing a physical pat-down of Ivanez, and bringing in a narcotics-detecting dog named Ceasar, officers removed the bags that were duct-taped to her midsection.

Sure enough, the substance in the bags tested positive for meth -- more than two pounds of it, the complaint says.

Ivanez told officers that the $300 in her pocket was her payment for smuggling meth into the United States, and she was supposed to hop into a car on the U.S. side of the border to finish the delivery.

Ivanez faces two charges for the attempted meth smuggling, according to the complaint.

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Those agents probavly at one time were employed by "Nickle Bag Joe", same MO , go for the low hanging fruit.


Shows you how stupid the Boarder Patrol is, they should have put her under surveillance and busted the ones further up the latter.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@FucktheBoarderPatrol Ladder! One thing funnier than that tee happened in San Diego. A guy with a sense of humor put a BMW front-end on a VW Beetle. Then he put personalized plates on it that said "STOLEN." It sure turned out to be a cop magnet.

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