Donald Miller ID'd as Shooter of MCSO Deputy Ruben Garcia

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Peoria PD
Donald Miller
Donald Miller, a 54-year-old Peoria resident, has been identified as the man suspected of shooting Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputy Ruben Garcia "several times" yesterday.

Miller died yesterday, after exchanging gunfire with Peoria police officers.

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Garcia, who's been with the MCSO for 29 years, pulled over Miller shortly after midnight yesterday, in relation to a call from a woman who feared for the safety of her ex-boyfriend, who presumably was Miller.

Garcia approached the truck after the driver pulled over at a gas station near 83rd Avenue and Deer Valley, but it's yet unclear what happened after that.

"At this point, we are unsure what occurred," MCSO Sergeant Brandon Jones said yesterday. "However, we do know that Deputy Garcia was struck several times by gunfire, presumed to be that of the suspects."

Jones said yesterday that Garcia was in critical but stable condition.

After Miller drove off, a Peoria police lieutenant spotted his truck a short time later, and officers followed him into a desert area near 89th Avenue.

According to Peoria police, officers tried to approach Miller again, and he started firing at the officers. Two officers fired back.

Peoria PD says Miller stopped moving inside his vehicle at one point, and as a safety precaution, SWAT officers were brought in to approach his car.

Miller was found dead inside the truck. Peoria police aren't immediately crediting their officers with the kill of Miller, and wouldn't really budge on an answer when we asked.

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...19th ave....they are vigilant ....2013 is the year of slaughter.  cremation of care takes on a new form.


Dear Piggy Piggies, Appears to be another convenient story. Guns don't kill people, Law Enforcement Officers do.

66rock topcommenter

@PigsBelongInBlankets   So can drugs.  Former coworker friends say hard drugs put this previously longtime hard working family man on a different road in life, apparently.  Prayers for a full recovery of the deputy and also to Miller's family left behind.  

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