Did Ben Arredondo Deserve Prison Time?

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Ben Arredondo
Former state Representative Ben Arredondo ended up receiving no prison time for his charges related to his ticket-bribery exchange and scholarship scam.

Instead, Arredondo -- a 65-year-old Republican-turned-Democrat who served on the Tempe City Council for 16 years before making it into the state House of Representatives in 2010 -- was sentenced to home confinement, probation, and was order to pay fines.

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While federal prosecutors argued that Arredondo should have received in the neighborhood of three years in prison -- with 30 months being the minimum -- U.S. District Judge Frederick Martone disagreed.

Martone reportedly said Arredondo's crimes were "pathetic," but it wasn't "Jack the Ripper"-caliber stuff. Additionally, Martone said the feds probably could've used their resources more wisely, as it took the FBI two years to nail Arredondo for taking about $6,000 worth of tickets to ballgames and charity events, as well as directing funds in a scholarship fund to his own family members.

Martone suggested that investigators could have gone after Wall Street mortgage brokers for financial crimes instead of Arredondo, who probably isn't the most corrupt Arizona politician in recent years -- although he did get caught.

Still, do you think Arredondo deserved to be sentenced to prison?

Cast your vote below:

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Were any of you in the court room to hear the sentencing?  Have you read the indictment?  If you had you would know that this was as close to entrapment as you can get.  Arredondo was set up and yes, he took the bait.  Testimony showed that he did not use any of the tickets, himself.  His son asked for them and since Arredondo knew these high rollers (FBI) he asked for and received them.  The face vale of the tickets did not meet the threshold for the charges.  So, the prosecution inflated the value up to $5200+ just above the limit.  As for the scholarship fund only seven of the fifty plus recipients were relatives and he had asked ASU about that and was told that as long as they weren't immediate family, it was ok.  Judge Martone is a very conservative judge.  However, he saw this case for what it was/  The justice department spent two years on it, for what?  Arredondo did plead guilty, because he did what was alleged.  Are their bigger fish out there?  You bet and many of them are walking free having done much more.  

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

hey, was Arrodondo's photo on Joe's website too? because i would really like to have seen his booking photo on Joe's site. also why wasnt Joe in on this investigation and arrest? this is the same stuff he was going after everyone else for


We should release all of Arredondo's "Fellow Felons" from our Jails immediately if they committed lesser Felony's!!

Mostly all in Prison now?

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Seriously, folks, this is the epitome of small-time crime. HE will pick up the costs of his "confinement." If he stays out of trouble, the only costs to the government will be for gas so his p.o. can visit him at home maybe once a month.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

the other thing that made me laugh about this ruling, is that the judge said Arrodondo MIGHT not have done it if they werent offering stuff. that is  a approved method of approach to law enforcement here in Maricopa county and also doesnt apply to the scholarship scams he had going. so the judge ignored everything Arrodondo had going EXCEPT for the game tickets when he ruled on this


So in other words, once you become a politician in Arizona, you can steal as much as you want and only have to pay back 11% of what you conned the public out of and be put on house detention *IF* you get caught.

What a fucking racket that is.

Where do I sign up ?


Since he showed he is capable of breaking the law and getting away with it,  Ben just might be our next Governor!

teknik topcommenter

well, if you use the festia bowl cases as a  basis for punishment it appears they threw the book at him.


I guess we shouldn't waste another penny on the Tom Horne "Hit, and Run" case, even though he did it in front of the FBI.

I bet Illinios Governor Bloggy wishes he was the Governor of Arizona.

He would have never even been charged!

Our Governor actually Defrauded Social Security of $75,000.00 to reward her Knife Point Rapist Son Ron as he served out his sentence!

Not even a slap on her knuckles?!!

To: Arizona "The Corrupt Politician Sanctuary."

The Jan, Russell, and Joe Show.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

the guy milked it for over $50,000 (that we know of) on top of the insane salaries we pay those people. he got away with breaking multiple laws, was found guilty (and even pled guilty), yet for making over $50,000 illegally all he had to pay out was $5,500 and is only on house arrest and probation? are you kidding me? this guy should be giving lectures and teaching classes on how to make money. he didnt even have to pay restitution or fines that come near what we have to pay in taxes. the judge who handed him that sentence should be up on corruption charges too. after seeing how this case worked out....i want to be a state representative so i can pay off my mortgage and live the life style i want to be used to. screw what we were taught growing up, CRIME EVIDENTLY DOES PAY.....AND PAYS WELL

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

his restitution was only $500 on over $50,000 that we know of. that is only 1% of what he was taking (that we know of) and then he only has pay $5,000 in fines which is only 10% (of what we know of). screw the lottery, being a state rep is the easiest way to make money hand over fist. and to top it all off, you have to stay at home for 18 months as punishment? hell yeah!!!! get NetFlix for about $180 for those 18 months and you are sitting on easy street

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