Chris Rock Says There's No Sex in the Champagne Room, but Phoenix PD Says the Opposite of 24-Hour Strip Club With That Name

"According to the wisdom of comedian Chris Rock, No matter what a stripper tells you, there's no sex in the Champagne Room."

Well, Phoenix police say a 24-hour strip club called the Champagne Room was also a house of prostitution.

Now men will never know what to think of people with pierced tongues.

According to Phoenix cops, the Champagne Room, near 40th Street and Broadway, has been shut down, and the owners, Janet Fiore and Sterling Costa, were arrested.

The bust was made using undercover detectives, who ordered sex acts from the Champagne Room starting at $300, police say.

Rock's 1999 album Bigger & Blacker is totally ruined.

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Oh no now where are ASU Sorority girls going to work?


Chris Rock is simply a criminal trying to defend criminals. He's just as much of a dirt bag as the rest.


Again, proving you comment without having a clue as to what you are talking about.


@bobunf @JoeArpaioFan 
I am not sure @JoeArpaioFan has even earned the title Troll.
More of an "off the meds and having manic episodes on the internet", really.

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