Brandon McCabe ID'd as Suspect in Shooting of Phoenix Cop Pete Bennett

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Arizona Department of Corrections
Brandon McCabe
The man accused of shooting Phoenix police Officer Pete Bennett six times Sunday night has been identified as 28-year-old Brandon McCabe.

McCabe, whose name was withheld until he was released from the hospital, is pictured in the photo to the right, in a prison jumpsuit.

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McCabe was just released from prison in February 2012, after serving nearly five years for two felony theft charges, one including a vehicle.

About 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, McCabe was approached by Phoenix cop Pete Bennett, who thought McCabe was engaging in "suspicious activity" while riding a bike near 21st and Georgia avenues.

Police Chief Daniel Garcia said Monday that their suspect, now identified as McCabe, ended up running from Bennett, who chased McCabe for a bit before McCabe fell over. At that point, McCabe pulled out a handgun and started shooting at Bennett, Garcia said.

Three rounds went into Bennett's body -- one in the cheek, one in the thigh, and one in the arm -- while two were stopped by Bennett's bulletproof vest, and another was stopped by index cards Bennett was carrying in his chest pocket.

Bennett also fired back -- getting off between seven and 10 shots, according to police Sergeant Trent Crump -- and hit the suspect at least two times.

Garcia didn't get too detailed about why Bennett approached McCabe, other than for "suspicious activity," as the chief said the area is a "high-profile enforcement area," where robberies and assaults are more common.

Yesterday evening, police Sergeant Trent Crump sent an e-mail to media stating that Bennett was out of surgery, and is now in recovery.

"The surgery went as expected but he has a long recovery in front of him," Crump says.

McCabe's facing charges of attempted murder and misconduct involving weapons.

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I hope the cops are working McCabe over real good. Throw him in a 6x8 cell, lock the door and let him suffer without food or water for a very long time.  Additionally give him a beating three or four times a day.

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