Best Word to Describe the 2012 Arizona Cardinals Season?

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Believe it or not, the Arizona Cardinals' fourth quarterback choice of the year didn't lead the team to a miraculous victory in the season finale on Sunday, and the firing of the bozos making the decisions started on Monday.

Brian Hoyer was the quarterback selected to seal the deal on a 5-11 Cardinals season, as they lost 27-13 to the San Francisco 49ers. Coach Ken Whisenhunt and general manager Rod Graves were sent packing on Monday.

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After starting the season 4-0, the Cardinals lost nine games in a row, using three different quarterbacks along the way, before winning one game, and losing the last two games -- while introducing yet another quarterback -- for good measure.

The team was so bad it's almost indescribable. That's why we're putting up the best description to a vote: what's the best word to describe the 2012 Arizona Cardinals season?

Cast your vote below:

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The Cardinals can keep firing coaches for the next 100 years and not address the real problem, the Bidwell clan.

Fans need to fire the owners for any meaningful change to take place.



It was the Cardinals turn to play plecostomus. It happens every year with various teams, based on their player's abilities and the coaches abilities to guide the players.

This year the other teams were better than the Cardinals. When Whiz and the other 'bozos' were calling the plays that got the team to the Super Bowl the players made it all happen.

Stick with the same group of players with new coaches in 2013 and the result will likely be the same.


@marcy I've been saying this since probably about '95. The Cards are nothing but a training ground for NFL talent, almost a AAA farm team. They've had all kinds of stars. Of course, those stars go on and have their star seasons AFTER they leave the team. When I still lived in AZ, I considered them to be an embarrassment  as well as an extremely streaky team, every time they get hot and win 5 in a row, they're guaranteed to lose the next 4 in a row. Hell, even the year they went to the SB, they almost blew it throughout the entire second half of the season, managed to save themselves, then almost screwed up the playoffs as well.

The only thing the Cards are consistent at is 'almost' getting halfway decent, and until someone who isn't operating them intentionally at a loss is in charge, things aren't going to change.

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