Best Loony Bill Sponsored by Republican State Representative Steve Smith?

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Hold your nose and pick one.
As we outlined yesterday, Republican state Representative Steve Smith is sponsoring some legislation that makes no damn sense to the rational mind.

For one, consider his sponsorship of a law that only allows public-school children to avoid reciting the pledge of allegiance if they have consent from their parents.

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Another could force a check for six figures to be made out to ousted Senate President Russell Pearce, signed by John Q. Taxpayer.

Below, we'll reprint our list of mentally absent legislation sponsored by Smith.

Then, cast your vote for which bill you think is the best (least-worst) -- like the one you'd vote for if you had a gun to your head, or something.

  • HB 2282: The first bone to Russell Pearce
  • Contrary to the Arizona Constitution, this bill would create a primary election in the case of a recall election. This bill, which Smith also proposed last year, was a response to Pearce losing the recall election in Legislative District 18, as all of the district's voters got to choose between Pearce and a fellow Republican.

  • HB 2290: A check to Russell Pearce from the taxpayers
  • For the second time, Smith is trying to get "reimbursement" for Pearce for his recall-campaign expenses, which was around $260,000 for Pearce. This one isn't exactly for future losers, either, as this proposal "applies retroactively to expenses incurred for a recall election held in November, 2011." That's Pearce, obviously.

  • HB2283: Foreign languages may not be printed on government paper
  • This one proposes that any state government "publication, document, or material, other than voting material" in a language other than English may "only" be posted on the Internet. One copy may be printed out by that agency, and kept in its office.

  • HB 2284: Mandatory Pledge of Allegiance
  • Under current Arizona law, there must be time set aside every day for public school students from elementary school to high school to pledge their allegiance to the flag of the United States of America -- "for those students who wish." As we've pointed in recent days, Smith and other legislators are proposing that students need permission from their parents to stop doing saying the pledge, and taking the "students who wish" part off the books.

  • HB 2291: Enforcing federal gun laws is illegal
  • This bit of total genius calls for a felony conviction and possible prison time for any federal "official, agent, or employee" to "enforce or attempt to enforce any act, order, law, statute, rule or regulation of the United States government" related to guns in Arizona. Additionally, the bill proposes that some new federal gun regulations are "unenforceable" in Arizona.

  • HB 2993: Turn hospital workers into immigration agents
  • Under this bill, if anyone receiving medical treatment at a hospital can't provide their health insurance information, someone at the hospital "must reasonably confirm" that the person's in the United States legally. If not, immigration authorities must be called "immediately."

  • HB 2467: High school loyalty oath
  • Under this bill, high school students in Arizona would not be allowed to graduate until taking an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution.

Cast your vote below:

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Obviously this kook is Two Times Pearce's puppet. Pearce must have his arm all the way up this kook's ass to be able to write all this nonsense.Probably they think they are going to get that money so they can go half and half. I wonder what kind of shit the Mucus Monster Pearce might be smoking to feed all this "legislation' to this cockroach.


I wish the messiah was here,Barry Goldwater would kick some ass.

Let us pray that he returns soon to deliver us from all this mishgana,Oye!

there is not one thing goldwater did(even endorsing a democrat) that didn't maximize freedom!

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

i always though GED Jan the pickled pig made Arpaio look like an educated man, BUT this Smith douche-bag even makes GED Jan almost look smart (ALMOST)

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter


The MCSO shurf has a high school diploma from 1950. Nothing else.

GED Jan has her GED. Nothing else.

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