Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction: Some Awesome and Some Not-Awesome

Categories: Auto Shop

  • Awesome: How unavoidable this car is
  • delorean.jpg
    Think for a second: how many DeLorean DMC-12s have you seen in your lifetime? If you go to a fair number of car shows and auctions, you've no doubt seen quite a few -- like, a lot. It seems like they're everywhere. Then consider that the Los Angeles Times reported in 2007 that only about 6,500 still exist. There's one, pictured above, and here are seven on eBay at this very second. One of those eBay sellers says they keep "eight to twelve DeLoreans in stock at all times." It seems like the most not-rare rare car there is, which is probably due to time travel, or something.

  • Not awesome: George W. Bush's Ford F-150
  • IMG_0455.jpg
    To the former president's credit, he proved us wrong. For some reason we were expecting to find out that Bush was driving a V6 pickup truck, and were planning to call him a total pussy RiNO. Bush wins, again, but we lost the point -- it's not that special.

  • Awesome: The thought that some dude finally gets to cash in on this thing, maybe because Clint Eastwood was a racist, old bastard in that one movie.
    The new owner of this Gran Torino owes $40,700.00.

  • Not awesome: This
  • IMG_0456.jpg

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