Anchorage, Alaska Has Been Warmer Than Phoenix

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Things that don't make sense, unless you're a weather nerd.
For those of you who like to talk about the weather, here's your conversation fodder for the day -- Anchorage, Alaska has been warmer than Phoenix.

Many places around the state have lower temperatures than Phoenix, and the Alaska-like temperatures are probably not what was in the heads of the old people who come to the Phoenix area as some sort of safe-harbor from cold weather.

Credit to for first pointing out this Anchorage/Phoenix temperature comparison early Sunday morning, when Anchorage was at 36 degrees, and Phoenix was at 32 degrees.

We've been following that comparison since, and it looks like it just about ended yesterday.

Around 3 p.m. yesterday (1 p.m. in Anchorage) it was 41 degrees in Phoenix, and 47 degrees -- and raining -- in Anchorage.

However, today, Phoenix's high temperature is supposed to be 23 degrees higher than Anchorage's.

By Friday, the forecast high temperature in Phoenix (68 degrees) is 50 degrees more than Anchorage's (18 degrees), so Alaska can still suck it.

Still, for those of us who don't really understand how this weather jazz works, it's weird stuff.

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For a second I thought this liberal rag was going to make an uneducated jump to man-made global warming.

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