Valley Fever's 12 Most Popular Arizona News Stories of 2012


Fox News Just Showed a Man Shoot Himself in the Head Outside of Phoenix on Live TV (Video)

By Matthew Hendley

A car chase that started in Phoenix ended with the suspect shooting himself in the head, and it was all broadcast live on Fox News.

The man had apparently stolen a car before heading west, and as you can see in the video -- despite host Shepard Smith's repeated requests to "get off it" -- it says on the screen that this is west of Tonopah, as the man shoots himself.

Again, before you press "play," you're about to watch a guy shoot himself in the head, so consider yourself warned.

Read the full story.


Light Rail Ninja Goes by the Name "Kairo"

By Matthew Hendley

The man who momentarily found local television fame by breaking up a fight on the Metro Light Rail using a samurai sword goes by the name "Kairo."

It's not his real name -- at least, not the name that government entities would refer to him by -- but he is a 26-year-old Phoenix resident.

See more of "Kairo" here.


Holly Solomon Blames Husband for Obama's Re-Election, Allegedly Rams Him With Her Car

By Matthew Hendley

Mesa resident Holly Solomon thinks it's her husband's fault that President Obama was re-elected, because he didn't vote.

Not only does Solomon, 28, have a thorough misunderstanding of our nation's electoral system, she also ran over her husband with her car because of this, according to Gilbert police.

In an e-mail to media, Gilbert police Sergeant Jesse Sanger says the argument started in a parking lot over Daniel Solomon's lack of voter participation.

See the full story here.


Sedona Man Plans on Jumping Off a Tall Rock on December 21, Believes He'll Land in a Portal

By Matthew Hendley

A Sedona man planned on jumping off a very tall rock on December 21, and he believes he will be landing in a cosmic portal.

Peter Gersten, a retired lawyer -- who, at one point, became "professionally involved with the UFO phenomenon" -- has been detailing his lead-up to the opening of a portal at the base of Sedona's Bell Rock for at least two years now.

Honestly, we don't really understand the thing. It has something to do with the Mayan calendar end-of-the-world theories, space, some stuff that sounds consistent with the Matrix movies, and big red rocks.

Read the full story here.

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Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

Jan Brewer bring abducted by aliens for her Einstein like brain quality. Yes I know I made that up, but it was fun.

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