Valley Fever's 12 Most Popular Arizona News Stories of 2012

New Times photo illustration; photo by Jamie Peachey; Model: Gary Moyer


"Birther" Bill Is a Favorite of Arizona Voters, According to Poll

By Matthew Hendley

Of some of the more controversial ideas tossed around the Arizona Legislature, the "birther" bill is the most popular to voters, according to a recent poll.

The Morrison Institute for Public Policy quizzed Arizona voters on five of the more controversial bills brought up by the right-hand side of the Legislature, including the citizen militia, religious objections to contraception, bringing guns to public places, stronger abortion regulations, and of course, the "birther" bill.

Just one of those ideas had more support than opposition -- the "birther" bill.

What does this say about Arizona?


Catalina Clouser Put Her Baby in a Car Seat; Problem Is, She Left the Car Seat on the Roof and Realized it 12 Miles Later

By Matthew Hendley

Catalina Clouser put her 2-month-old baby in a car seat after smoking some weed with her boyfriend at a Phoenix park.

The minor detail she missed was that the 19-year-old left her kid on the roof of the car and drove away, and realized this mistake about 12 miles down the road, police say.

The kid was eventually found unharmed by another driver, sitting in the middle of the intersection at 45th Avenue and Cholla Street -- about two blocks away from where she had started her trip.

Read more on the hazards of teen pregnancy here.


Michael Marin, "Burning Man," Commits Suicide in the Courtroom

By Matthew Hendley

"Burning Man" Michael Marin died after his "medical emergency" in the courtroom, which came after a jury handed down a guilty verdict in Marin's arson case.

The Maricopa County medical examiner's office confirmed the expected -- Marin definitely ingested some of the cyanide that was later found in his car.

Fox 10 had its camera on Marin's face as the verdict came in, and it was clear that he put something in his mouth before he started having a seizure and fell unconscious in the courtroom.

CPR was performed on Marin before he was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Read the full story here.


Should Foreign Hells Angels Be Allowed in the United States?

By Matthew Hendley

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club filed a lawsuit against several federal agency heads -- including Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- claiming the group's foreign members have been wrongfully banned from entering the United States.

The federal lawsuit contends that several foreign Hells Angels members applied for visas last year to attend one of the club's major events in New Hampshire, and they were denied, based on their membership with the Hells Angels.

Weigh in on whether foreign Hells Angels be allowed in the United States.

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Joe Kennedy

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