Tempe PD: Body Found Near Tempe Marketplace Likely ASU Freshman Jack Culolias

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Photo by Matthew Hendley
The area of the search, north of Tempe Marketplace.
A body was found yesterday in the river north of Tempe Marketplace, and police say it's likely the body of ASU freshman Jack Culolias.

Culolias was last seen around the time he got kicked out of the Cadillac Ranch restaurant/bar the night of November 30, and the only physical clue of Culolias whereabouts was a single red shoe, which was found by Culolias' mother north of the shopping center a few days after that.

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Tempe police say the body found yesterday had a single red shoe on one of the feet.

A police spokeswoman says the shoe has police thinking there's a "strong possibility" this is Culolias' body.

The medical examiner is tasked with identifying the body, and determining the cause of death.

Investigators searched that same general area for several days, but completed their search on December 7.

A Maricopa County Sheriff's Office helicopter was brought in, as were K-9 units specifically trained to find humans, a robot with sonar that could find objects underwater, and investigators on the ground, but they didn't find any physical clues.

According to Tempe police, someone called the cops yesterday morning to report the body in the water.

Culolias was kicked out of Cadillac Ranch in Tempe Marketplace -- where he used a fake ID to get in -- around 11 p.m. on November 30, during an event with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, in which Culolias is a pledge.

Culolias' mother, a California resident, ended up filing the missing-person report with ASU police two days later, and came out to Tempe to search for her son shortly after that -- when she found one of her son's red shoes.

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Brandon Doyle
Brandon Doyle

Truely sad, but at least everyone has some closure. Rip Jack :(

ExpertShot topcommenter

If anyone has had a child murdered, the pain is beyond words.  However, please also know that you are not alone.  Please feel free to contact Parents of Murdered Children for help in coping with your loss:www.pomc.org


If the kid would have been hammered stoned from bong hits rather than from Anheuser busch products, he'd still be alive today. We won't hear THAT on the news however..

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