Powerball Winner ID'd as Matthew Good; Fountain Hills Home Has Just Five Bedrooms

The co-winner of the gigantic Powerball jackpot has been identified as Fountain Hills resident Matthew Good.

Although we made a baseless guess that he lived in an estate on a golf course before winning millions upon millions of dollars, it turns out that he's just a moderately wealthy fellow in a five-bedroom home.

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Good bought the home in September 2011 for a few thousand short of $300,000, and the interior measures more than 2,400 square feet.

According to a description of the home on a real estate website, the backyard's got a pool, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and air-conditioned "hobby room."

That real estate website, Zillow, guesses that the home was worth more than $500,000 during the real estate heyday.

Google Maps
The current Good household.

Good also has "job creator" Mitt Romney to thank, kind of.

Good has a profile on the website Linkedin, which describes him as a "CI Training Manager at D&M Holdings." D&M Holdings is a Japanese electronics company that was bought out in 2008 by America's most famous private-equity firm, Bain Capital.

Bain's had a part in the acquisition of plenty of companies, like Toys "R" Us and Domino's Pizza, just to name a couple.

Lottery officials said at a press conference last week that Good doesn't plan to leave his job, despite opting to take the $192 million (before tax) cash option.

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66rock topcommenter

I am disappointed that it wasn't someone who probably needed the money more.  It's always nice to see a  more "average" worker or family get a big boost. Hard to stomach any Bain connection at all in my opinion. Ugh!   That said, no matter what or who, there seems to be  an awful lot of personal info revealed here..  Doesn't everyone have a right to their privacy?


Basically what Matthew Hendley is saying is that because this lucky winner already has a five bedroom house that he should not be entitled to the winnings and instead it should go to some poor Democrat who is down on his or her luck, right? Nope!


I'll repeat it Matthew (and try to be grammatically correct this time) - pettiness and jealousy are not becoming qualities. 


Do all the writers at New Times live in a trailer park on Apache Blvd. and gaze at $300K tract homes filled with green envy towards those that live there?  Because it seems like you guys are really hung up with the fact that this guy may have a decent job and lives in an upper-middle-class neighborhood.  JFC...it's not like the dude lives in a 10K s.f. house on Mummy Mountain.   Give it a rest, guys.


Maybe they can afford to clean up their yard. It looks horrible.

66rock topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan  Well I with you until you said Democrat.  cheap shot at Dems.


@boingo hahahahaha perfect! the author comments about his pool and massive 2400 square foot house. That isn't even a pool, it's like a big hot-tub

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