Paul Babeu, Pinal County Sheriff, Snagging His Share of Air Time in the Wake of Elementary School Massacre

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is slowly creeping back into the national spotlight -- going from defending half-naked photos of himself in front of the mirror posing in gray granny-style undies to squawking about schools not being as safe as we think they are.

On Wednesday, he's on CBS 5 talking about principals and teachers carrying concealed weapons. On Thursday, he shows up on CNN, also saying more of the same.

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"Let's deal in the reality," Babeu says during his CBS 5 interview. "Right now, our schools are not as safe as we believe that they are. And ... they are a magnet or an alluring target for these people who wanna kill others."

Haven't politicians been having these same conversations since even before the Columbine shooting spree?

The reality is that the world can be generally an unsafe place. And whenever a random act of senseless violence happens at a school, at a theater, a shopping mall or outside of a grocery store, you can guarantee that a politician -- especially one who needs to rehab his image -- will be eager to get on the airwaves for a little face time with the nation.

Consider that in 2009-2010, there were 138,925 educational institutions in the United States, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Since 1997 -- over a 16 year period -- ABC News tallies there have been nine mass shootings at schools across the country.

As my colleague Ray Stern pointed out, such "massacres are exceedingly rare."

Babeu, who was cleared of criminal wrongdoing after his Mexican ex-lover in February accused him of abuse of power and threatening to deport him, tells CNN's Outfront viewers on Thursday that he agrees with the NRA's call to arm school officials.

Babeu struggles to directly answer CNN's John Avlon questions.

Avlon points out to Babeu that there were two armed guards present at Columbine High School, and yet 13 people were killed during that shooting spree. He says there were 34 armed guards on duty at Virginia Tech, and 32 people lost their lives on that campus.

"So the evidence, Sheriff, suggests that armed guards on campus do not stop school massacres," Avlon says.

Babeu rambles:

"Well, you see, a school that I grew up in, there was just one building.  In some of these campuses are college campuses, as you point out, there's, there could be eight, there could be twenty-some-odd buildings.  And, to my point, is training and arming designated school administrators or designated teachers -- not everyone.  Some school districts may not wanna do this, but for those who do, law enforcement provides them that training, and they would be a, a critical, immediate response to an active shooter.  Because these safe school zones, with the Gun-Free Safe School Act of 1990 and '95 created this thousand-foot perimeter around our schools, and it did some good, yet what it's done is create this sitting-duck zone.  And, basically, the only people who are gonna follow, not only the 20,000-plus laws and regulations already restricting gun ownership and weapons, uh, are criminals and, and those who are mentally ill that, that see these as alluring targets and magnets to create these mass murders."


So, Avlon, tries again: "But, Sheriff, you know, the presence of two armed guards at Columbine and 34 at Virginia Tech, that didn't deter these crazed gunmen ... doesn't that precedent cause you to question the logic of your proposal?"

Babeu's says it doesn't. (Watch his full answers in the video posted below.)

At the end of the day, it's all headline-grabbing political bluster. Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio are right up there (or down there) with Babeu.

CNN OutFront

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babeu when will you come and once for all say the true, before you get another embarrasement. look  babeu yourself in the mirror how sick you look or overnight boys? babeu most popular text: "bring your over night bag to spend the time with me"

babeu you are laughable, avoiding the question of Avlon.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Pauley, I agree with Monica Alonzo. Your skivs in that pic are, well, very uncool. Check out The panties worn by the models leave nothing to the imagination. Hey, have you been to Flex lately? Haven't seen you in a while.


Relegating the story to the news blog allows Monica to attack Babeu rather than report the story. She needs to log off and get herself "unchained" from the collective by seeing Quentin Taratino's "Django Unchained." Babeu himself is a bit of a Django, having being forcibly outed by similar liberal media hacks to Monica herself and yet reelected as sheriff by the good folks of Pinal County. What Monica and her ilk fail to realize is that the sheriff is poised to rise from the ashes like Arizona's proverbial capital. It is not Tea Party Conservatism that lost big in the last election but rather social conservatism and Babeu fits well into Tea Party Conservatism, vanity bathroom cell pic and all.

So, Monica, log off and go see that nice bloody hero movie starring Jamie Foxx. After that film, Jamie Foxx could run for President and get elected as a shoe in. Even Ronald Reagan's Gipper was not so riveting a hero as Django. And don't worry, Monica, your blogging did not blunt Babeu's return to the limelight any more than Samuel Jackson's character prevented the triumphant, bloody return of Django.



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babeu should carry a purse instead of a gun

Avlon asked babeu a question. babeu answered about who he is "mentally ill"

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