Joseph Godinez of Phoenix Used 6-Year-Old's Arm as Ashtray, Cops Say; Kids Removed From Home

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godinez joseph suspect.JPG
Image: MCSO mugshots
Joseph Godinez

Authorities have taken at least two children from a west Phoenix home after arresting 40-year-old Joseph Godinez for burning his 6-year-old stepson's arm with a cigarette.

Godinez burned the kid back on May 22 at their home near 81st and West Indianoloa avenues, court records state. At school the next day, the boy went to the nurse complaining of arm pain. He explained to school staff that his stepfather had intentionally burned him as punishment for going into the man's room.

Police soon interviewed Godinez, who told them the boy had been burned accidentally when he walked into the cigarette. Cops didn't buy the excuse and asked him to take a polygraph. The machine indicated he was lying, but Godinez stuck to his story, records state.

gonzales shabrie suspect.JPG
Image: MCSO mugshots
Shabrie Godinez

On December 17, authorities interviewed the man's 8-year-old stepdaughter at Childhelp "on an unrelated incident." The girl mentioned that she'd witnessed the cigarette incident. Godinez had burned her brother on purpose and instructed the boy to lie about what happened, she told police.

Godinez fled the home when police arrived to pick up yesterday, but he was caught and booked into jail. Police seek a charge of felony child abuse.

Godinez's wife, Shabrie Gonzalez, was also booked into jail on December 27 on suspicion of shoplifting and failing to appear for a prior court date, records show.

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all is well now kids are all doing well and happy sign g mom


Okay, first off the police did buy it, and nothing came of it until child help after the kids were placed into grandmothers custody. He is in jail at the moment secondly, and lastly there were five kids, all abused, and there all safe and loving life now with grandma.


This is the kind of stuff that burns my ass. WTF is Bill Montgomery doing to stop these monsters? Instead of wasting taxpayer money on MMJ lawsuits, why don't you help get these abusers put in jail !


Fucking asshole. How can any mother sit back and not doing anything when she knows someone is hurting her children? She is a real piece of work. Neither of them deserve to ever see their kids again. I don't care if they are on drugs right now, and they get off. They should never see the kids again. They lost their rights to that. Poor kids.


Wow what losers! I say off with their heads at once! Off with them!

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan  okay, look at your post. clear, to the point and no infantile ranting or keyboard warrior talk. take a look at your likes for your comment. see how easy that was? nice post and accurate too. well done little one, well done

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