John McCain Somehow Got His Way -- Susan Rice Doesn't Want to Be Secretary of State

Senator John McCain
Despite becoming the butt of jokes for his concerns about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Senator John McCain got his way -- U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice told NBC News she's taking herself out of the running for the secretary of state post.

In a letter to President Obama, Rice explained that if she were nominated to be the next secretary of state, her confirmation would probably be a "lengthy, disruptive and costly" process.

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That process would have been complicated by folks like McCain, who declared on Fox News, "I will do everything in my power to block her from being the United States secretary of state."

McCain's blamed the White House and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice's initial comments that the September 11 attack on the consulate was "spontaneous," and McCain has floated the idea of a White House "coverup" pretty heavily.

It turns out that the phrases "attack," "Al Qaeda" and "terrorism" were plucked from the talking points Rice used by officials from the Director of National Intelligence's office, according to a CNN report that was been confirmed by other national media outlets.

McCain issued a statement shortly after that, acknowledging that this was being reported, but he never really appeared to buy into the notion.

"I am somewhat surprised and frustrated to read reports that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence was responsible for removing references to Al-Qaeda from the unclassified talking points about the Benghazi attack that Ambassador Susan Rice and other officials used in the early days after September 11, 2012," McCain's statement said.

McCain's spokesman didn't return New Times' e-mail at the time to clear up whether the Senator actually believed it.

At what point McCain conjures up this great outrage isn't clear. For the point-by-point details of the whole saga between McCain and Rice, the Washington Post has a great analysis, along with the accompanying timeline.

There are plenty of theories out there on why McCain would go on a personal/political crusade against Susan Rice, but, assuming that plays no role, McCain's outrage doesn't make complete sense.

For example, just a month ago, CNN's Anderson Cooper asked about Rice just following the talking points from the intelligence community.

McCain responded, as if it were fact, "First of all, the talking points came from the White House, not the [Director of National Intelligence]."

The same exact day, McCain also appeared on Fox, and said of Rice, "She has proven that she either doesn't understand or she is not willing to accept evidence on its face."

There are, indeed, unanswered questions about the reaction to the Benghazi attack. But how that leads McCain to crucify Rice, we couldn't tell you.

We do know, though, that McCain won.

According to the NBC News report on Rice withdrawing her name from consideration for the secretary of state spot, President Obama has accepted Rice's decision.

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Are you crazy! with people like john Mc Can't keep a straight thought ain." . There would be no comedy. Yes i know sour grapes on johnnys part. Well grow up homie. O you can't.


Thanks a lot John. You just fucked a good candidate for the SOS position out of her chance to get the job. 

david_saint01 topcommenter

ps time for McCain to retire..or for someone of note to run against him. He has overstayed his usefulness in the Senate..

david_saint01 topcommenter

McNasty has turned himself into a complete hypocrite. I remember not too many years ago it was McCain standing up for another woman with the last name Rice..saying it was unfair to criticize her for lying to the people about WMD's in Iraq when SHE was in the hunt for Sec of State at the time..the other guy that did the same? McConnell! So forgive me if i call bullshit on both of them, and think they are a joke...dont get me started on Ayotte. 


McCain's conduct was just disgusting.  His hypocrisy was on full display; his spitefulness and bitterness hanging out there for all to see.  Has anyone else begun to notice the similarities lately between McCain and the Drunk Uncle character on Saturday Night Live.  It's almost beginning to look like Drunk Uncle is based entirely on McCain rantings and ravings.


Another old fool, only in Arizona.

Mcpain is bitter because he was critizised by Susan Rice back on 2008 and more 'cause he lost

to the "black man" in the White House.If anybody thinks that,  like he says, that he is concerned about

the citizens, that's bullshit. All he wants is to contradict Mr;. Obama. So much for the "Maverick"

66rock topcommenter

McCain won nothing.  Rice will continue doing fine with the job she has and will go onto a bright future. MCcain has only managed to destroy his "legacy" even more than it already is.  He is foollish and proves it every time he opens his mouth these days.  He's become a joke, good job John!!  Good job Arizona for electing the old fool again!!  Oh, and no, John, you will not accomplish your real goal of getting Kerry's Senate seat.  That said, congrats former GOP senator Chuck Haegle, who is a good choice for the job and will do well.


It's too bad that cry baby John McCain got his way. Susan Rice is the foreign affairs and military expert NOT John McCain. McCain is just a old, bitter, hateful warmonger, nothing else!

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