Is Paul Gosar's Demand for Answers on Bombing Suspect Totally Bogus?

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Congressman Paul Gosar
Republican Congressman Paul Gosar claims he wants answers to his questions about alleged federal-building bomber Abdullatif Aldosary.

A letter from Gosar's chief of staff to immigration officials says Gosar wants to know why Aldosary -- whom Gosar falsely claims is a "known terrorist" -- wasn't deported.

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That is a question that Gosar apparently did not ask last year, after Gosar's staff tried to help Aldosary's green-card application get processed, and immigration officials wrote to Gosar's staff that Aldosary's application was denied "pursuant to the terrorism related grounds of inadmissibility."

We e-mailed Gosar's spokeswoman to see what Gosar did in response, if he actually believed his constituent lobbying him for help was a "known terrorist."

We received no response.

We're also not sure what Gosar's motivation is for calling Aldosary a "known terrorist," since we've detailed that he is not.

Aldosary was involved in a 1991 uprising against the regime of Saddam Hussein, which was egged on by the U.S. government under President George H.W. Bush. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, even so-called "freedom fighters" are under the umbrella of "terrorism related" activity, since they're classified as rebel groups.

Just months ago, Homeland Security decided that people involved in the uprisings in the Spring of 1991 would not be disqualified under "Terrorism-Related Inadmissibility Grounds."

After one phone call that maybe lasted 10 minutes, we had the answer to all five of Gosar's questions.

  1. He's not a "known terrorist," and his participating in the uprising no longer qualify under the "terrorism related grounds of inadmissibility."
  2. He's still not a "known terrorist."
  3. For the third time, he's not a "known terrorist."
  4. Yes. Further, ICE says "prior legal reviews determined that he was not removable under the Immigration and Nationality Act."
  5. For the fourth time, he's still not a "known terrorist" Aldosary actually came to the United States after the so-called "terrorism-related activity" occurred, so this question doesn't really make sense.

Given the evidence -- and Gosar's staff sending off this letter for media outlets to talk about -- does Gosar's demand for answers sound totally bogus, or as conservative commentator Debbie Schlussel called it, "grandstanding"?

Cast your vote below:

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idk anything about Gosar.  I do know about do not touch situations that are career killers.  This mans' former employer stated that he thought there were terrorist connections.  The government told Gosar, in writing, that  Aldosary was inadmissable "pursuant to the terrorism related grounds of inadmissibility."  That phrase does not equal terrorist?  What does it mean then?  Why are you choosing to hang Gosar when obviously other people in government knew this man was here with no legal means to support himself?  Gosar may have been correct in ascertaining that the man was secret government asset.  Do not touch.  Obviously our immigration system DOES need reform.  Here is huge example.  By what sanity does a government allow someone to enter with no visible means of support and not allowed to work?  Who was Aldosary's sponsor?  Or did he sneak in through our porous border?  HELLO?  Yeah, I'm trolling for truth here.  Not passing the blame onto hapless individual with my eyes closed.  sheesh.  This is 1 tiny thing in Congressman Gosar's  career life and this publication and it's "ass"ets want to hang him without further investigation?  Wow.  There's definitely more to this story on all counts.  Gosar broke lockstep with the NWO GGOBbers?  Globalist Good Ole Boys?   


The better question is this: Is Paul Gosar totally bogus?   Forget about the letter and consider everything else he has (and hasn't) done over the past two years.  So, is Paul Gosar total bogus as a U.S. Congressman?  That is the question.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

Gosar having that info a year ago and sitting idly by on it is just like the idiots in washington. they dont like Obama's plan (i dont either), but instead of doing something that will give us about 6-9 months before failure....they would rather sit by and watch everything collapse right now and immediately and utterly, just to prove a point. brilliant, absolutely brilliant. why try to keep something alive till you can fix it, when you can watch it die today? tea-party mentality is retarded. they are sinking our country faster than Obama's plan possibly could


Gosar demonstrates a trait common in Arizona Republicans. All show and no substance.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

Gosar is also responsible for what the guy did. he recieved the info on the guy and did nothing at all. Gosar has no right to be running off at the mouth. he is just running off at the mouth for attention. while he is crying a river about DHS not taking action, we should be demanding the questions of why Gosar didnt do anything either, he had this info for a year, and there was even a claim made before that in one of his court cases. when they apply for a green card, criminal history is also checked so that would have come up in Gosar's attempt to get this guy a green card. so basically Gosar knew there was a guy with a government label of terrorist (whether it was true or not, it was still on his file) who also had a person claiming him to have terrorist connections in a legal matter. Gosar knew this guy was on the loose in our neck of the woods, and figured we didnt need to know? he also figured that all he had to do to stop any possible terrorist activity by a potential terrorist is to simply deny him a green card? thats like saying you can stop a robbery by simply saying "NO" 

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@shadeaux14  he also sits by, knowing there is a problem, just so he can point fingers once something does happen. he is just as implicit in this as Aldosary himself. if he had info indicating the guy was a threat, why didnt he take action? why, because then he couldnt say it was someone elses fault if the guy was stopped. people like Gosar are a bigger threat to our country than Aldosary is.


@danzigsdaddy No, your comment about Brewer, "when i grew up we put an angel on the top, not a witch underneath" was the best comment EVER.  You win.

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